Acceptance ka Keeda


“Acceptance” ~ it is a simple word with complicated interpretations and consequences. Nowadays, I can see half the world around me upset because of lack of acceptance. I don’t like being told to do things; I do them my way so I can’t accept others telling me to do things. Similarly, others can’t accept me not doing certain things. I appreciate our politicians’ intelligence. When I watch these news debates daily, I wonder from where do they find such wonderful excuses which do make sense (only for the moment) just because they cannot accept what is perhaps seen, felt, touched and heard by a million others. Artists suppress their creativity out of the fear that it would not be understood and in turn, not accepted by the viewers. If I go on listing down who, when, why and how is so bugged with acceptance issues, there shall probably be no end to it. Nobody has been able to abate acceptance issues whether it is me, you or an inter-caste wedding or social acceptance of a woman or the previous generation welcoming ideas of the newer one and vice versa or the cook unwilling to experiment or the kid reluctant to express himself out of the fear of  rejection.
Well, acceptance issues have led to wars, and they’ve broke out riots.  Mr. and Ms. Michelle have been arguing over a stupid issue since past 25 years of their happy marriage. They’ve not separated, love still fuels the fire in their heart buy they simply can’t accept a particular part of one another. And by now, me and you have come to realize this funny strange fact that: out of sheer insanity, amidst the raging unacceptance, the world’s populace still co-exists. Well, I didn’t say peacefully… 😀


One thought on “Acceptance ka Keeda


    A better suggestion for the caption pic……:)

    Loved the post. This post should be suggested to Dr. Einstein for a better explanation to “theory of RELATIVITY”

    And then the theory can be renamed as the Theory of Relationships !

    It goes like this: “Under the effect of continuous LOVE, all the relational frictions can be ovecome, irrespective of the PEACE”

    Doesn’t make sense.. Thanks to Dr. Genius…!


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