Our Journey

Being in love is a feeling ~ different, unusual, undescribed yet only felt: That elation, that sense of completeness, that act of being consumed by an all-consuming emotion! On this note, I remember Shakespeare saying,

“Journeys end in lovers meeting”

Indeed an extraordinary thought! Well, my journey was a mix of many things; perhaps all are so! Yet, all are different in their own special ways!

However, my journey didn’t seem to end; it felt like having crossed yet another milestone in a beautiful journey through time. Maybe that is what the journey called love is all about ~ being together, beyond circumstance, beyond distance, beyond time.

Lovers at sunsetImage Courtesy: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3053/2997180776_8c95918e1e.jpg



Our Journey

Once upon a time, on an unexpected moment,

Love blossomed and Smiles shined,

Out of moments enshrined.

In treasured memories –

Of the first time you held my hand.

We were indeed two souls ambling hand in hand.

That was a moment: frozen in time

When you sung to me the song of my soul:

Indeed it was a moment of bliss – In that meaningless kiss!

Once upon a time, on that beautiful moment

I could see a gleam of beauty and shimmer

I still cherish that moment:

Of Our first candle-light dinner.

Look at us today: Two souls so perfectly entwined in one:

And here we are cherishing the moments of our journey.

Ah! That innocent child in you:

It is you, I am so much in love with!

I still remember your eyes gleaming in happiness

As you gave me that birthday cake On my special day!

Just as I cherished these moments,

I thought of reciprocating

To the most special person: my special gift from god;

In a silent hope that perhaps

I might bring back the smile I saw that day!

A hundred things I thought never sufficed;

In the end, I simply could gather a few moments: etched in my heart!

Perhaps that could be the best gift:

In the treasure of my heart, holding memories that would never let us apart!

From being in high spirits to being kids back again;

From your shining eyes to your childlike smile.

This is all I have: A treasure of memories of ‘our’ journey together:

Of good times and the bad,

Of sanity and the mad.

And may these remain, forever in our hearts!



Dear Shantanu,

It has been a happy journey so far! I am sure it will keep getting beautiful as moments and days pass: like the older wine getting richer! It is not the time that shall move the magic wand; it is us who shall make all the difference ~ in good times & the bad, in sanity & the mad!

~ nirvana


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