The Fire

I often wonder how ruthless life can at times be, to rob the world off a beautiful little soul who had barely begun to blossom. I was sad, I was shocked, I was upset, I felt betrayed, I felt guilty, I felt angry. Often there are people in your life whom you love and respect too much, who are too special and mean a lot to you; but you seldom or perhaps never express it to them. One day, the silently walk away and the void in your life keeps haunting you for long hours, days, perhaps in flashes all through your life.

This poem is a dedication to the fire that can never die out, an inspiration that will remain with me forever, a friend who is etched in my heart and a free-spirited firefly, who showed to me how beautiful life in a jiffy ( can always be!


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The Fire

She was a spark:
A magic that could light up the dark!
Fiery, strong, upfront and bold;
Yet, Soft & Loving:
A magic we say she always beholds!
Today i realized:
Alas! The cruelty of life…
How unfair can he be,
For stealing from the world, a wonderful soul…!
She indeed was a beautiful mind!
The little firefly that did enough to brighten the world ~
Who inspired and left behind tears and an empty world!
Alas! The cruelty of life…
How mean can he be,
To take someone away~
Who might just have saved the world,
From the bad & ugly!
A little floating lamp in the shadow valley:
She was a fire that could never die!
She is a fire that can never burn out!
Alas! The cruelty of life!
Why her?
She was a free soul~
Embracing life with open arms!
She learnt at each step~
She changed herself out of her learnings!
And yet,
Held onto her goodness and mystic beauty!
She was a magic that just happened to me and a few fortunate ones!
She was an inspiration with which I walked ahead
She was a bliss, I was blessed enough to live with!
Alas! The cruelty of time…
Alas! The cruel human…!
How we take special ones for granted!
And don’t tell them how much they mean!
How we lament upon the chances missed and opportunities lost!
Alas! That cruel circumstance…
When the fire died out!
Leaving behind darkness;
Leaving behind a void that no light can ever fill..!
Alas! The cruel him~
At times so unfair, 
And yet,
I resort to him
Seeking an answer to my Why!
Seeking peace for her soul!
Seeking for those fond memories to come alive once again!
Seeking beauty for the world!
In just one prayer:
May the fire never die out!
For it indeed has lit up many lives…
May the fire keep burning~
Somewhere in a beautiful corner of this world!
Where only beauty embraces her with open arms!
May the fire keep burning!


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