Morning Inspirations

Of late I have been working from home as my office is in the process of shifting to a new space. Therefore I’ve been at mumma’s house instead of mine for over a week or so! Back at my place in Ahmedabad, I always discovered a strange joy ~ in doing things on my own, making my own food and so on. Especially sinking into my blanket with a coffee and a plate of omellete was just perfect! (Anyone tempted for this breakfast can come over and join me šŸ™‚ ) Somehow, that moment in itself was an inspiration for me to move on with the day ~ write beautiful, feel beautiful. But the sad part of the story out there was being so overloaded with work and routine that there was hardly any energy left to move out of the mundane and get creative with words unless some chance encounter brought me a strong inspiration. Therefore, I await those Sundays or week-offs when despite the week’s fatigue, the morning inspiration knocks the doors of my mind.

After months I have had a truly relaxing time, although not an inch away from work; yet relaxing. Maybe that’s what rejuvention is all about ~ setting your foot out of the dreary routines! Suddenly those sweet nothings and strange musings get back to me.



It is about 7.30am and I have been up since over an hour, fresh and calm. Eversince, I’ve been lying on my bed, feeling the cold surge of winter wind seeping through the door’s crevices, sensing the soothe of the blanket’s warmth, listening to the bird’s chirping around, seeing the frosty sunlight peeping through the hazy panes, hearing the rumblings of the milkman’s bell and my pet dogs crying out, running around. When this happened, I have been thinking of all those mornings that inspired me so far: all those beautiful mornings that my friends Tanya and Sameera spoke to me about or the morning when me and Shantanu sneaked out to Thol Lake bird sanctuary or the ones when I used to go out jogging to a park nearby and be with the nature or simply those spent with Sonu & Tanya having maggi & coffee at sonu’s terrace before rushing to college or the blissful morning when I woke up to the seashore’s sunrise and enjoyed a greasy breakfast at the poolside!

Mornings have always unfolded beautiful inspirations! They’ve also given me lovelier memories. At times, work and the fatigue robs me off that bliss; nevertheless, such mornings like today’s fill the voids of those lost and let me embrace the beauty despite the grief of losing out on “morning inspirations”

There’s beauty all around
And a love, deep and profound,
When my pets play by,
And the chirping sparrows fly.
When the sun peeps in,
And the wind starts rumbling!
When inspiration touches my heart;
And lovely memories pour in,
Never choosing to depart!
There’s beauty all around;
And a love deep and profound!

~ nirvana’s Morning Inspirations ~


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