Alas! The Cold ……….


There’s a sun waiting to rise
There’s a wave waiting to splash
There’s but a word waiting to be spoken
There’s but a feeling waiting to be expressed
Alas that insolent moment
That suddenly shadowed the light with clouds!
Alas the turbulent waters that gulped life down in the deep!
Alas that cold expression~
That robbed all the inspiration!
There were no more feelings inside
And words no more mattered!
Only a deafening silence pierced through the moment
Leaving behind a stone~
That never came back to life again!
And the world mourned her death!
Set her free, oh master!
She is no more yours!
For she is no more herself~
Only a puppet to your desires!
With attempts to mend,
You tampered all the more~
Stealing the bewildered fire
That died out fueling your discontent soul!
The innocent soul she was~
Moulded the way you shaped…
Alas! She couldn’t be yours~
For you never let her be!
Alas the worst ever theft~
That of an inspiration!

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