Special Dinners-1: The Winter Date :)


Image Courtesy: http://www.restaurant-in-pattaya.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Cooking-with-Wine-How-to-cook-with-wine.jpg

Winters particularly tend to invite cold and running nose. All I would want to do is snuggle up in my blanket, sleep till I get hungry and eat till I fall asleep back again. Or perhaps keep sipping onto warm coffee while sinking into a book, while inside the blanket. However, since I have been deprived of the privilege of a day-off nowadays, this seems to be a far fetched thing.

Nevertheless, winters always seem to be special and fun, no matter how harsh they appear to be! This reminds me of a few special festivals that visit us in winter and how we learn to enjoy in the chill.

Christmas, New year and Valentines’ Day ~ are three festive days that arrive during the coldest time of the year in Ahmedabad. In the past two years, even though my exams used to be scheduled around this time and Shantanu was as usual busy at work, we took out time for these special winter dates! Instead of shivering while driving the bike and going out to a nice restaurant, we preferred having a candle light dinner at my place. With the music of our own choice, the cosy ambiance of a home, something to lift your spirits a little high, a special candle-light dinner cooked with love and above all, the best person to spend an evening with~ What more could I ask for! How simple pleasures bring you unconditional joys~ is what these moments mean!

post script:

Special Dinners shall see you in three parts~

The Winter Date


2 thoughts on “Special Dinners-1: The Winter Date :)

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      You’re somehow a strong motivation behind the creation, reviving and maintaining this space called nirvana soliloques. Keep visiting πŸ™‚


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