Bedtime Stories: Marvin and Me

Two nights with poor sleep and I remember the time when I was a child. Things in life were so easy, isn’t it? Mom or Grandma or Dad used to tell you bedtime stories and you went to sleep so easily, eh! Apart from a good sleep, Bedtime Stories were meant for a number of things – to help the child develop its power of imagination, to create mind pictures of phantoms, kings, queens, lions and mice, of jungles and mountains.

When I think about them, Bedtime Stories remind me of an episode of the popular television series, How I met your Mother! which goes like this: Marshall is on the way to Farhampton for a friend’s wedding with his infant son Marvin and he is struggling hard with bedtime stories for Marvin. Interestingly, Marvin needs to be told bedtime stories with sentences that end in a rhyme! Else the kid would begin to wail..! Poor Daddy! It was a task for Marshall to think of rhyming sentences so that Marvin does not wail in the bus! Back home, he and his wife Lily would do it comfortably. If I had spent a day with Marvin, what would it be like?

Often I think how would it be if I had to spend a day with Marvin!

I would probably take him over to Drive In!

At Drive In they screened animated films like Tom and Jerry!

And not those dirty characters that appeared oh so Scary!

While Marvin watched those fight in awe and Surprise!

Relieved, I simply nibbled on some French Fries!

Little Marvin would laugh at the cat and mouse fight;

And I think to myself, “Drive In was a choice, perfectly right!”

The movie soon got done and we were out of Drive In;

I wonder where next can I take little Marvin!

Soon as Marvin & I get into our car,

Marvin gazed at the old man with the guitar!

It was Christmas time and there was celebration all around

Marvin remembered his santa clause-look alike Uncle Brown!

As Marvin danced and moved sitting in his baby cart

Perhaps that was the day’s best part!


7 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories: Marvin and Me

  1. Lol…! I didn’t know about this! Thanks…! I only wish no one never haves a kid like Marvin 😛 So much demanding he is – just like an editor! Get more creative, add more perspective!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My favourite of your blogs
    This one is LEGEN……WAIT FOR IT….POETRY…

    I feel like sleeping only to listen to u sing those stories to me.
    Bedtime stories is among my top 10 himym episodes.
    And to make it better your version of bedtime stories makes it even more wonderful.


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