Cafés and Me

My relationship with Coffee shops and Cafés has been going on for about six years now. Contrary to that, as I hail from the small and peaceful town of Anand, the whole idea of a coffee shop or a cafe had neither been popular there and definitely not in my mind. Therefore, whenever I used to see a Café , I used to be amazed and always wanted to visit one. Anand does have a Café Coffee Day and a Chocolate room but with the meagre pocket money in college, I usually saved the visits for special occasions rather than frequent visits. At that time, a café was just another restaurant or coffee/ dessert joint that I would visit to hang out. Never that I had been to the place alone.

My hostel life or say away from parents life began in 2011, when I moved to Ahmedabad for my post-graduation. The whole concept of Cafés seemed to click ever since then. Therefore, the six year long relationship turned into a love affair ever since 2011.

The best part about Cafés is that you can settle yourself on those comfortable couches or chairs and simply sink into your own world: Nobody would disturb you except for it is an occasion like Friendship Day or Valentine’s Day or New Year. Probably I would not choose going to a coffee shop at such times. Whether you have company or not doesn’t matter. For me, probably a good coffee would be the only condition.

Some of the best moments of my life I have perhaps spent were at a Café: be it waiting for Shantanu (my husband) or preparing for my intercollege events or deciding the script for my documentary or blog or even preparing for my journalism final semester exams! Coffee shops or even the thought of them – inspire me. With that inspiration, I’ve done some of the few best things that have made me feel happy and content.

I remember those times when Shantanu, I and Ketan (our friend) used to hang out at Barista late in the night. Or Shantanu

Shantanu & Ketan playing Chess at Barista, Ahmedabad ~ Our Late Night hangouts

& I used to catch up with Hrishikesh on those early evenings of Sunday again at Barista. Even today, if asked to work from home, many a time, I happily walk down to the Café nearby and work. With organizational rules, I don’t get to do that being in office, but I would love to sneak out one fine day. Cafés and Coffee shops to me are just a pleasant soothing affair where I am away from the hustle and bustle and sunk into my own beautiful solitude, whether it’s in a book, a conversation, my work on the laptop or simply some introspection and soliloquy.



7 thoughts on “Cafés and Me

    • Indeed Pooja…! It’s a different world altogether and even if the cafe is deserted, you can enjoy your solace and the joy of being there..! Fun indeed 🙂

      P.S. – Very sorry to have replied late to this


  1. Coffee houses and cafes are certainly popular for that reason! I remember the first Cafe Coffee day opening near our hostel and how we used to crowd into it after hours!


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