Excuse Me! 19th March?

“Excuse Me! 19th March?” she said, as she stood in the line to get into the classroom.

“Ya! I checked it!” he replied, smiled and moved out of the same class!

As Sam saw Nisha walking the aisle with her best man, all he could think of was the first conversation they had in college as they met! Nisha had barely entered college at that time and being a year senior to her, how he had played stupid mischief during the fresher’s party and otherwise! He remembered it all!

Nisha saw/ met Sam on the third day of her college first year and he happened to be the first guy she noticed. She checked Sam’s profile on some social networking site and she saw his birthday was 19th March. Nisha’s was 18th March! An avid reader of Zodiac signs, she used to unconsciously relate people she met to their zodiacs.

10 hours before the Wedding, 1.00am

Nisha stood in the porch of the hotel, surrounded by her relatives and suddenly she smiled at the sight of a bus that arrived. Her eyes, wide open in glee, waited for Sam to get down! And there he appeared, right in front of her!

“Nonsense! You have to come this late!” she said to him.

She wanted to scold him for getting late, not answering her calls, for getting down from the bus after everyone else did! But all she could do is go and hug Sam and hold him, as long as she could!

Minutes later when everyone else disappeared, Nisha and Sam got some five minutes to be with one another.

“I know it’s bad luck when the bride and groom meet before the wedding!” said Nisha.

“But I just had to!” she said gasping a breath.

“I just wanted to tell you that we’re two different heads, often with different thoughts and wishes and no matter how much we’ve fought or argued or we do in future, I’d be there,” Nisha added.

“I know this stupid! Go get back home with mom-dad and get some sleep!” said Sam with a smile.

He kissed her forehead and said, “See you tomorrow!”

Minutes later, Nisha was in the car, while mom dad drove her back home. She was thinking of the first conversation!

“Excuse me! 19th March?” and she laughed.

“Seven and a half years and how things changed,” she told herself!

The Wedding Day!

Nisha walked to Sam.

Hi!” She said as their eyes met!

They both smiled thought the same thing: “Finally the moment has come!”

Bride & GroomImage Courtesy: http://doinglifebetter.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/advice-to-the-bride-and-groom.jpg


12 thoughts on “Excuse Me! 19th March?

    • 🙂 Indeed… 🙂 Weddings are beautiful – isn’t it? The whole process of stressing out and getting relieved is a roller coaster ride but in the end it’s a lifetime’s happiness 🙂


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