Forgotten, overlooked or failed to be recalled?

India loses a final match and you end up reading ridiculous updates on social network, which indicates, highlights, India’s sick mob mentality. Till yesterday, I was happy to live in a country with cricket fans who worshipped people like Sachin Tendulkar! Today I am disgusted to know that these aren’t cricket fans but spiteful fanatics! To add to the worsening situation that unnecessarily went against Yuvraj Singh, his residence was stone pelted.

People should rewind their heads and think of how Yuvraj Singh has played before and the kind of passionate, aggressive run-scorer he has been for the Indian team. In fact, Yuvraj is the one to have steered India to the World T20 Finals and also the 50-over World Cup with a spectacular performance! And where did all that go yesterday? Gone, Forgotten, Overlooked or simply failed to have been recalled? One bad match and the legendary cricketer loses it all? Out rightly ridiculous! There’s no sportsperson in this world who has always performed in crucial games!

If we look at the ICC World Cup T20 finale of 2014, Sri Lankan players put up an effortless play and they deserved to win! It was a painful inning to witness for Indian fans but turning to hooliganism was the last thing expected! Even India deserved to win, before the match had begun – they’d remained unbeaten throughout the tournament. But they probably forgot how a final match has to be played!

A player can’t see a ball passing from besides him and then he says: “Oh Shit! I missed it!”

A player has to run for his life to reach the ball crossing the boundary!

And those typical Indian misfields, and a dropped catch here and there!

And if Yuvraj was that vulnerable, blame Dhoni for sending him instead of Raina or going himself!

So the team is to blame and not only Yuvraj!

Singling out one player indicates how fanatic cricket fans turn! And if stone pelting was the punishment to non-performers, there have been non-performing or under-performing actors, television stars, politicians, governments and more. Have the balls to do that even once and then come speak of

To me Yuvraj is a true winner: who fought for his life and has come back to Indian cricket. He did showcased his capabilities in the match against Australia, in this tournament! All those who think they’re even capable of playing Gali Cricket after undergoing months of Chemotherapy sessions and taking stone pelting after under-performing, may remotely have the right to criticize this legend!

I reiterate my stand: Cricket fans, Grow up! Have a heart and don’t lose your sanity! A true legend can never be forgotten, overlooked or failed to be recalled!

Mr. Yuvraj Singh, if you’re ever reading this, I salute you as a Cricketer and I’m sure you’d be back to the same passion and aggression in no time! Thanks for being by the side of the Indian Cricket team like a Lion!



8 thoughts on “Forgotten, overlooked or failed to be recalled?

  1. I enjoy watching cricket, and respect Yuvi as a cricketer, and as someone who fought against adversity. And to be fair, Sri Lanka played better cricket. However, I wish he had done better in the final. 11 from 21 wasn’t his style, and I feel sad to have missed out on seeing that. And I’m sure he feels sad to have not done well too. But I won’t single him out as a reason for India’s loss, because even 130 seemed defendable at one stage of the SL innings.


    • Well Yuvi himself must have felt the most awful…!! Why does everybody have to remind him of it..?? We all know he performed bad but then he’s picking up form gradually…! See the match against australia and you can see the same old aggressive Yuvraj Singh…!
      Sri Lankans put up an effortless play while team India simply didn’t play it like a finale…!


  2. Well that’s India, 1 win and they are heroes , 1 loss and then they are blamed and called losers… they want team India to win each match… when will people learn winning a match is a team effort and not a single man deed..


  3. Social networking sites flooded with praises, abuses, justification, criticism, etc for the Indian cricket team

    Blogs, news channels are full of the same stuff.

    It just shows How much we love cricket here. But why this extreme affection towards cricket when it’s not even our national game ???

    This affection has come from loving,hating, attaching to and feeling one with star players like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Siddhu, Mohd. Kaif, Irrfan Pathan and many more . . . . . ( Named a few whose homes in past have also face stone pelting events ).

    But far more than this the game has got its identity, it’s so called FAME from players like SACHIN, SAURAV, DRAVID, TIGER PATAUDI, DULEEP SINGH ………. and *YUVRAJ.*

    These players have given life to this game by creating miracles that once felt impossible.

    So, I feel that no matter how many times people do such a heinous thing…. The essence of cricket created by these players is never going to let their RESPECT die.

    Tonnes of *RESPECT* for *YUVRAJ* and his spirit of survival….. Because everyone can live a life, but very few can SURVIVE.


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