Getting Away

Amid a hustle and bustle in daily life, the need for getting away and breaking free from the monotony called “Routine” becomes inevitable! Whether one accepts it or not, life must surprise everyone from time to time – it just makes you feel alive, getting you to realize every moment of your life and breaking away from those shackles! At this juncture, there isn’t an agenda that governs your life, at least during that get away – you are in charge of all whatever you might want to do!

For many, nowadays, a Get-away means a long weekend holiday somewhere in the hills or around the sea, that would only let you loose! But to me, a get away might perhaps just be throwing away my wrist watch, be with my husband or alone and take each moment as it comes..! Right from waking up to taking a shower to cooking / not cooking – Nothing bound by time.
Getting away largely means giving myself a break! And that reminds me of that stupid distant dream I’d felt when I needed getting away 🙂

There has always been this dream-
To sit with you at marine drive,
At the dark midnight hour-
Off and away, at the shore’s brim!
With my hand in yours-
Completeness would be the feeling for sure!
Ah! That sense of belonging- so pristine and pure!
Just spreading out free,
Throwing the wrist watch into the sea-
No sense of time,
No worry for the wait of the tide!
Only the still sky, studded with twinkling diamonds,
Just the two of us-
A union more complete than the Raymond’s man. . .
Simply a frozen moment
No words would ever define!
A strange quiet and tranquil,
Yet, the union of silence and unspoken words!
The vast lay before,
The mystery lay beneath;
An uncertain nothingness beyond-
Ah! The two idiots- staring at the sky!


7 thoughts on “Getting Away

  1. Getting away –

    I wish to get away for a month. Just keep riding on a bike and explore the nature.

    Every little natural thing is as wonderful as the largest natural thing.

    Just imagine sighting a marvellous landscape while driving in a valley, or lucky enough to spot a rare species.

    Huuuuuuuu. Getting away is dream I most wish comes true


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