Happiness often comes from Good Food!

A healthy body makes a healthy mind and good food is the key to a healthy body! But to me, a good and healthy mind-state (one that doesn’t get cranky or doesn’t feel like hitting others or throwing objects at them!) often comes from some real good food! Today was one such day, when I ended up at Bon Pasta.


Image Courtesy: http://static.in.groupon-content.net/47/33/1393309963347.jpg

The moment I entered the place, Randheer welcomed me with a smile!

“If I read facebook correctly, you were going to a café!” he said.

I smiled, we had a small conversation and I asked for a complete meal from soup to dessert: surviving on a cup of coffee and some badly cooked Maggi in a canteen next to office since morning, I was starving for some real food. And I thought, it better be good! Hence, Bon Pasta!

This happened to be my second visit to Bon Pasta and there’s a lot about the place that tends to take me there, first being my love for pasta! While sitting on that table, waiting for the order, I was thinking of my first visit!

It was a Sunday when I happened to be in Ahmedabad and throughout the day, I was either occupied with work or surrounded by people. And in the evening, I was left all alone! For a moment, I felt like I was about to cry, nothing to do and whatever was to be done, I never felt like doing it! Thanks to Shantanu (my husband) that I chose moving out of the house and thanks to Anusha (a friend) who suggested that I must go to Bon Pasta! Being at a new place and one that was known for pasta, I ended up ordering a complete meal. From the moment I entered, I was completely amazed by the welcoming smiles and a deliciously delightful meal!

“Bon Pasta” is a small and cozy Italian restaurant that looks more like a quaint little café. What’s the best part about the place? You’re made to feel comfortable: Bon Pasta specializes in a wonderful eating experience, a gesture I have rarely observed across the various restaurants I’ve visited.

A crispy garlic bread with melt in mouth butter that came first, along with a Green peas and Basil soup! The soup is something I’d never tried before and that added to my happiness!

Next came an Achari Vegetable Sandwich that would surely tingle your taste buds with the tangy spread and crunchy coleslaw vegetables!

The above items I did know about. Next came,

Vegetable Brunoise with sour beetroot jam along with Panzanella Salad. I was just staring at the thing and wondering in awe as to what was it! I verified it in the menu and typed it out on Google. Next moment, Shweta came in to explain to me what ingredients were there in those salad and how the flavours had been balanced! People like me who eat for the love of food first and later for satiating hunger, would truly want to know what all goes in the food and a hundred other questions! But when you have the chef himself to enlighten you with the answers as you relish that dish, it’s simply amazing!

Next came pastas: Pomodoro, Arrabiata and Alfredo! But before that, I was specifically asked for a particular preference of pastas, the amount of spice I can handle and any particular way I needed it modified! That was something that left me amazed: how little things make your dinner experience complete!

Truly authentic taste, freshly made sauces and the distinct aroma of the herbs – all cooked to perfection!

I was just getting full with those delicious dishes I’d delightfully consumed, and then came the Red Velvet Cup Cake! It looks and tastes as scrumptious and delectable as it sounds!

In just one visit, I ended up with a sense of belonging to that place, perhaps it’s because of their warmth and simple gestures of making you feel comfortable and enjoy the dining experience. And that along with “Good Food” is often a reason for Happiness! J

As I left the place, back then after my first visit, and today, all I was told that, “This effort is just to make sure that you enjoy the food!” Indeed! One of my best dining experiences is a gift from Bon Pasta! And I’m sure many more shall follow! Randheer & Shweta, Thanks you!


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