Lousy Employers: The boss isn’t always right!

What’s the worst thing an employee may experience? A. A typically demanding corporate culture with squeezing deadlines. B. A boss/ senior/ head/ manager who emanates arrogance! Ah! The deadliest combination that might prove a serious threat to your work life!

Let me share a few observations, some of mine, some of friends that eventually make employees think that the boss is never right and in fact, the boss is the lousiest person ever! I’m sure all of us have had this feeling for all of our bosses, at least once! What say? So what makes these bosses, “Lousy Employers” ?

The Know-it-all Syndrome. There are many employers out there who think they know everything about their company and how should it function and what practices must be put in place and what should be done to make the best gains. Confidence is good, sir; although overconfidence may harm much more than you thought! If you were the only capable one, you wouldn’t need your employees!

Humans are Machines. Avoid them. Just avoid them. Because you are a B.Tech, working in some manufacturing or construction company, you are born as a living machine: this is the only fundamental they live with. Most managers belong to this category!

A promotion or a pay-hike is never easy my boy! Just because they’ve been through shit and struggle, they’ve got all rights to put you through the same! Mangers again! No wonder why people hate them so much!

I love boasting off my position! Most senior managers belong to this category! Come on darling, come mess with me and I’ll see you on your appraisal day! Yes, they do threaten you with your appraisal and there you are feeling like a helpless little dumb fool!

The Obligee! Such employers usually come from the lot of MNC-experience holders or those who are veterans in their own companies! A cluster head or a project manager or an editor in chief or a creative head – My god! They simply live with their noses held high in arrogance! Ah! They exhale, bleed and emanate arrogance. They live on one fundamental: “Dude, you should be grateful to the company that you have been offered this position! Youngsters like you aren’t even considered for a company like this!” || In simple words, “Listen, I have obliged you by taking you in this company, I don’t give a damn about your personal issues! Dare you come late to office, ask me for a leave or refuse to work over time!”

The Diplomat! These bosses may be your immediate seniors or your immediate project/ team leaders! Ah! They’ll make you feel on top of the world by calling you an asset to the firm or team and assuring you that they’ll recommend you for a promotion or a salary hike! They’ll also offer you higher positions and entrust you with a silly responsibility calling it a important one only to: A. Make you feel Good, Wanted B. So that you instead of them sit overnight at office to finish documenting something while they enjoy a movie and dinner with their spouse!

The Rigid Kings! “Darling, you have a fire power and I want to see it grow! I am sure you can go a long way in this organisation! I’ve seen it all! I’ll guide you!” A little different from the diplomats, they crush you under silly expectations. These people are again veterans in offices who have perhaps stuck onto the same practices since past 30 years and dare you challenge them with a new, easy and hassle-free idea! Grunting, Growling, Murmuring will soon follow. In short, the process of making hell out of your life will just begin!

Fresh college graduates or MBAs or post-graduate think they’ll soon get placed in respective companies, earn a 6 figure salary and life would be great! Perhaps the real test does begin when you begin working, as they said! And then you realize that it is that overrated Sunday evening when you must go for a movie or hangout with friends or family and all you’re doing is preparing the agenda for Monday’s meeting! And these lousy employers call it “Professionalism”!

P.S. – This edit has come on second thoughts on re-reading this post! Disclaimer: Here, it is not intedended to question the capability of veteran employees/ employers or MNC-experience holders or even senior level employees/ employers of any company!


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