Magical Touch


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It is a brief moment in time,
When the matchstick lights the candle bright!
Pop it rises from the candle-wick!!
Ah! The way it sways in that brief moment-
Just like wind touching the chime!
Ah! That magical touch-
It lets the candle burn;
And lets it illuminate!

Alas! The wheel of time!
One fine hour, the candle has to melt down!
When eachtime the wick destroys itself-
Minute by minute, hour by hour!
Yet, the flame illuminates!
Yet, it turns the ambience bright!
Yet, it lets the hope spread!
Yet, it epitomizes – a love unnoticed!
That’s the way i feel-
With thy magical touch. .
A feeling so fulfilling,
A sentiment so divine-
As if candles lit up all over,
With that divine touch!


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