An Ode to the Paradise in Solitude


Till Yesterday –

She was just another face in the multitude;

She lived, she laughed to enjoy life’s ride;

She loved to express; her words meant something;

She was detached with smiles, and yet moving on;

She walked the road all alone;

Hers was a journey soaked in solitude;

A beautiful one, yet all in seclusion.


She’s the same face, yet different;

Her eyes are the same, hopes have multiplied.

Her questions are the same, perspectives have changed.

Joys are still there within, reasons have multiplied.

She ambles in solitude; yet a shadow always follows!

Her dreams are still the same; yet she embraces them with confidence!

She still loves to express; her words are inspired by miracles

Those miracles – she just began to believe in!


Her life’s got a new meaning;

Glee and Delight are freshly and noveau;

Richness has turned its little box into a treasure.

A Cupid just touched her;

And she’s got wings to soar the seventh sky –

Where she found her paradise in solitude.


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