“P” for Politicians? Oh please!

I’ve often met a number of people who say that my job (in the news industry) is challenging. Such people often call my job so interesting, that I am aware of the political scenario inside out and I am so updated with a hundred odd things that happen around. Well yes, I am updated with a hundred “really” odd things, or rather I have to be. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is my job! But too much of anything is just too nauseating!

I miss those days of selectively reading newspapers, magazines and other random stuff! Nowadays, all that or even reading a book or blog of my choice has unfortunately and circumstantially taken a backseat. Taking in and absorbing everything often gets you feel nauseated and that is exactly what has been happening to me since the past many days!

Come elections in India and a reporter/ journalist/ news writer’s “Being doomed” days just begin! Your days of selective reading turn into selective coverage and the selection is politics! To add fuel to fire, wherever you go, people discuss the same thing – Elections, Politicians! The social media too is flooded with it!

To try and get out of it, you try to look at the little social life you’re left with: the people with whom you didn’t catch up because you’ve been working your ass off ! You go out and meet your relatives/ friends just to forget that political shit you’ve been dealing with day in and day out. But is it any better a choice? I doubt!

Oh! So, you’re a journalist? What do you think? Who according to you is going to form the government? Mr. A is on the high this time. But you know what! Whoever comes, nothing can ever change in India!”

“Grrrr….” (I grumble in my mind)

“Well yes uncle! Mr. Z is going to form the government this time! I’ve managed to get all the voting machines rigged so that all the votes go to Mr. Z! You know why I did so? Coz he’s paid me huge sums of money!” (I would love to tell them this!)

Still not done? Ah! The million dollar question is yet to come

So who do you support? You know, the younger generation nowadays is too vulnerable! And so is the media! They just don’t know the harsh reality and get carried away by the publicity of various politicians!” 

(As if I don’t know! )

Well yes I am opinionated, I am a dedicated voter, I have a bit of political leaning and I have done the reality check as well! I am good at my work and I do that day in and day out, but that doesn’t mean it is something I would like to talk about even after work!

“So could you please give me a break from it? Why? Because I have a life outside work and I may not simply want to discuss about it.” 


While thinking of a post-idea for “P” for the A to Z Challenge 2014, work had pre-occupied my mind so much that inspiration had gone for a toss! “Politicians” is all I could think of but never wanted to write about them for the very thought was nauseating! So “P” for Politicians? Naah! Give me a break!


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