Rains in April

The snow was melting on a distant peak, Why does her own reflection look so poignant and bleak? April is the season for scarlet tulips to bloom Then why does she find in April, a mood of gloom? What’s with the sky that roars so aloud! Perhaps it’s the painful cry of that little cloud! It was a free cloud; over the meadows it danced and swayed! Alas! That cruel wind, she thought; that blew everythig away! She was confined in those four walls – Perhaps all her hopes were in vain! She gazed blank outside the window And stared at the unusual April rain! A tear rolled down her cheek! Alas! Those cruel gestures, she thought; That blew everything away!


7 thoughts on “Rains in April

    • True, this poem can build up on two perspectives. However, I’ve tried to draw a comparison between the suppressed freedom of a woman with that of a cloud! April shower is indicative of the pain that the two share 🙂


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