Simple pleasures



At times it’s me, at times it’s you
To bring reasons to celebrate-
In those precious moments-
So special they are, yet so few!
One day you got some pudding-
When I told you about my first job!
How silly our celebration was – Laughing, smiling and jumping!

And the other day I got pastries-
Remember the way we had them?
The big Dollops in our mouth –
And some on bedsheets and tapestries!

It’s always you to bring me that strange happiness-
That I forget to get annoyed
For I just cleaned the room a moment ago!

It’s always you to first share that moment of enjoyment!
It’s always you to bring in that childlike happiness!

Life is pretty, beautiful indeed!
Perhaps it’s in those the little things we do!
Or maybe its the way we celebrate little things!
Perhaps life is all about that-
Cherishing simple pleasures
That each moment behold!

I hope this innocence remains through our journey
And it’s us who we reminisce
For as I look back in time,
It’s not the fights I remember
It is rather silliness we’ve shared and cherished
That remains etched!

P.S. – I wrote this one for Shantanu don’t remember on what occasion though!
Guess it has been penned about two years ago!


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