Unusual Depths

Into the unusual depth of Silence,
There were faint voices heard.
I suddenly felt a familiar presence;
When someone knocked the doors of memory.

Into the unusual depth of Feelings,
A familiar sorrow is still felt.
I delve Deeper, I dance in the pain.
When Salty drops come rolling down like the rain.

Into the unusual depth of that gloom and pain;
My lost love is remembered time and again.
I still feel the essence; I still feel the touch
Life seems confined in a nutshell; without anything much.

Into the unusual depth of that love;
I was elevated to the heaven above.
Living life was a different bliss –
It was simply the paradise’s kiss.

Into the unusual depth of my journey through time;
I listen to the church bell; I listen to the chime;
That Time revolves through day and night. . .
Time and again, I find myself in search of my end.

I am tired of the journey; I am tired of moving on
The senses have gone numb;They cease to move on;
In the fear, In the depth of a voice within-
In search of my destiny, I again flee.

Into the unusual depth of Silence,
The faint voices are still heard;
In the lonely corridors of life,
On the seashores of feelings,
Someone still keeps knocking those doors.


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