Void of the direction

Fortune has a weird world of its own. You never know when it strikes right. But as the wise-men say, it showers itself on moments, when you least expect it to be. Nirvana for some reason had been brooding a lot lately. She knew it was a bit too overdone because there were moments where there was practically nothing to brood over! And then she consoled herself saying, “Everyone gets their share of coffee bitter sometimes; the only thing that makes a difference is the way you deal with things!” Some people learn to enjoy the bitterness and some know how and when to add the sugar. Nirvana’s dreams are still the same; perhaps the roads have jumbled up.


A boulevard of avid dreams –

suddenly submerged into the depth.

The beam light that appeared –

happened to be a mere illusion.

It was a moment of decision –

when she stood on the crossroads;

and chose to write her own destiny.

It was a matter of choices –

that had made all the difference!

Then why is that avenue in her heart –

oh so very full of questions!

And yet again, the wheel of time rotates:

There she stands on the same crossroad.

Then why do the roads appear so new?

Why do the wings again get wounded?

Was the road not taken, meant for her?

Or was the road just taken, was lost somewhere?

And yet again, she stands on the same crossroad –

Stands and stares at the blurred horizon across directions.

One moment, Gazing towards the road’s end –

She takes it to be yet another illusion.

She goes through each detail and turn –

Of the different road she just took;

Thinking, what was the wrong turn taken!

Was it at the crossroad Or just elsewhere?

And suddenly the next moment,

the BLANK state stepped inside the mind.

The whirl of emotions and questions;

suddenly dissolved to tranquil.

Delving deep inside, her dreams still remained the same;

The void was that of inspiration;

The void was that of a voice from within;

The void was that of the song of her soul.

Her dreams still remained the same:

Perhaps She was just trying to fill the void

Perhaps she simply looked for the road lost!


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