Wake me up

Image Courtesy: http2.bp.blogspot.com-gc8DUCzLcgIT4EeAvKgwtIAAAAAAAAAL8ZdPB4w20LVAs1600Abbey-Aunty-4-10%2B024.jpg

Image Courtesy: http2.bp.blogspot.com-gc8DUCzLcgIT4EeAvKgwtIAAAAAAAAAL8ZdPB4w20LVAs1600Abbey-Aunty-4-10%2B024.jpg

Warm and comforting like the winter’s sun,

How do I tell you, you’re the only one!

Words shall not suffice;

Language and expressions would be elusive,

To define the gem you always are to me!

Every morning when I rise,

I crave for thy sight!

How you just get me into

The Glee and Light!

In that state of being half alseep,

When you kiss my forehead and cheek;

There’s a smile that never ceases to come!

You’re the same person I’ve known,

Yet, each morning, you’re different –

Like the beautiful magic wind blown!

As if the Grandeur of all seasons just shows up,

I smile like a little child, soaked in wonder!

That magic you behold, blossoms each day,

Bringing simple pleasures and happiness!

And the world seems beautiful,

For it’s the way you wake me up

that makes all the difference!


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