ZooZoos inspired me!

The vodafone zoozoo ads is something everyone must have caught up with! The first time i saw the ad, I was so irritated with the shrill sound that they had…!! Eeww!
I dont exactly remember how and why I fell for them but today the vodafone zoozoo ads are ine of the best I’ve ever seen!
First came ZooZoos and then came zummi- zummi πŸ˜› hahahaha! Take a look:

When I see these ads, what i particularly love and appreciate about it is the simplicity of stories and yet so connecting. Simply amazing! And then I think how wonderful it would be if life was all that simple! You ask someobe out, give them flowers and they smile and say yes! Wow!Β  Insipiring isn’t it? To always look for joy in life! πŸ™‚

When I think of inspiring ads, i remember some wonderful ones I saw –

1. Dairymilk Ads – Middle aged woman wears jeans

2. Dairymilk Ads – Girl trying to have chocolate after putting mehendi on

3. Surf Excel – daag achchhe hain

4. Raymond’s – Farewell to the school teacher

5. ZooZoo – Boy Proposes toΒ  girl

(the video is some language I can’t comprehend but you can check out the video, it still tells some nice stories)

And so on..!!

P.S. – The links have been appended in the post as an edit.


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