As those eyes embraced the rain

As the drops of rain poured in

The Sky Roared and the windows clanged

The shutters stuttered

The lights dimmed on and off

Amid the scare and cloudy dark,

Two hopeful eyes smiled in respite

As if a child seeing his first rain!

The two eyes shone bright

There was joy, there was delight.

They open and shut gradually,

As the droplets sprayed.

Age might have wrinkled the lids

But the hopes are fresh

And dreams intact!

Those eyes have seen a lot in time

From Happiness to pain,

Been through Glee and Vain,

And yet they smiled in simplicity –

The life’s only wisdom!

It’s the joy of embracing the rains

After seasons of hard work.

Sitting at the porch

There they saw through the spectacle of time

The beauty of life pouring on them!


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