The Piercing Silence

As she lay still on the couch

With her locks fell on the back rest
And her mind sunk into thoughts!
The bird chirped, the clouds roared
The neighbours around gossiped
From Across the verandah ~
There were sounds of kinds all around
But within the house
It seemed like a terrifying silence
that pierced deafness into her!
The slightest of movement
Was heard clear!
Even the creaking of the couch
As she settled herself.
Her eyes shut.
She sunk into thoughts,
Of the times of yore.
She remembered it all.
As rumbling thoughts
in that wandering mind
Played like a movie.
Whether it was the leaves
On the nearby branch,
Run over by the wind;
Or the mason’s hammer
Hitting the neighbourhood’s wall.
It was all heard crystal clear.
Yet, she could hear nothing,
As if a detached Soul!
She was sunk into the depths
Of that silence
And lost into the deeper meanings
Of the movie of memories.


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