When Someone Drives Anger & Arrogance: Confessions and More!

Somewhere during February 2013: Angry and Frustrated, I was rashly driving the car home. Perhaps I was just driving my temper and not the car. I reached my destination shortly and Shantanu tells me, “Your car doesn’t deserve your anger. It’s dangerous.” We had an argument earlier and I didn’t pay heed! Perhaps I could have rammed into someone and regretted it for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I didn’t! It’s thanks to my fortune and not my driving skills. The anger that preoccupied my mind did not make me realize this.

Once or twice such a thing repeated. But of late, never. I don’t remember the day realization struck me but it struck me for the good and I am happy about it. No excuses or explanations for the previous act, it was wrong.

Speaking of that, I am sharing some pathetic encounters:

February 24, 2013: On February 24, a youngster Vismay Shah rammed a motorcycle near Lad Society, in the Vastrapur area of Ahmedabad. The two bike-borne youths – Shivam Dave, 25, and Rahul Patel, 21 – died. Shah escaped from the spot but later surrendered before the police following pressure from all sides. News reports suggest he was drunk when he was driving. Here’s a video that got captured on the CCTV and has been reported by a local news channel:

The bike-borne youth’s kin are still struggling in court.


As I was walking towards the parking space, just off the main road in the main market in Vidhyanagar, a car driver intending to turn his car right and park, almost rammed into me from behind. The car hit me with some force and braked. I balanced, trying not to fall and had a muscle pull. When I turned, the driver, without getting off his car, rolled down the window glass and told me, “Can’t you see! Are you blind or what to not notice a car coming?”

Despite me feeling like slapping my sandals on his face, I just reminded him of basics of driving called horn and brakes and left.


Sristi (name changed) and her father were driving back home in their car. There was a bike with two youngsters ahead of them and a car ahead of the bike, driven by a lady who was talking over the phone. The road was a slope. Suddenly, the lady lost control owing to lack of attention and her car rolled back, hitting the bike. The youngsters fell but were thankfully safe and not injured. Sristi and her father stopped the car and got off to ensure things were fine. Then they slammed the lady driver. The lady replies, “Do u know who I am?”

The youngsters thanked Sristi and her father and decided not to complaint to the police. The lady drove ahead.


The conclusions are obvious: Anger Frustration and Distractions are dangerous to driving, apart from Alcohol. I mustn’t have driven rash no matter how angry I was. The lady should at least have the courtesy to go to the men who fall, apologize (even if it wasn’t her fault) and make sure they’re okay. The man who rammed his car into me should have had the courtesy to apologize and ask if I was fine.

Two, there’s more of arrogance than acceptance towards a mistake that makes a whole lot of people insane. On what basis does the woman ask Sristi, “Do you know Who am I!” or does the man ask me, “Can’t you see? Can’t notice a car coming!”

Three, there’s humanity left in the world yet justice takes a lot of time. Passers-by came to the bike-borne youth’s rescue (as seen in the video) but their kin still await justice in court.

Angry Rash driving is something many of us might have done. No advice to anyone here. Just some confessions and food for thought!


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