Did you have Something Sweet?

Time and again when I think of the first date of the month, what strikes me quite easily is the television commercial for Dairy Milk – Meetha Hai Khaana Aaj Pehli Taarekh Hai (Let’s eat something sweet as it is the first day of the month! – It is an Indian tradition to have sweets on a happy occasion).

The song in the advertisement is a song from the Bollywood movie Pehli Tarikh of the 1950s, sung by Kishore Kumar. Take a look:

Non-Hindi speakers, pardon me as I couldn’t find a translation.

This reminds me of the 90s and the time just before that, when the first date of the month meant a happy day because it was a pay day, when people would get salaries. For people whose salaries simply helped the family make ends meet, the pay day mattered much more.

Except for the fact that it is a special occasion in your family, say birthdays or anniversaries, first of the month has nothing specifically special. In fact, many would crib or rather be hassled too, for they got to pay the house rent, maintenance, bills and domestic help and spend on monthly supplies and go arrange things.

However, the first date means a new month starts and speaks of a month-full of challenges, worries and hard work that have come to an end. To me, the first date of the month is a look back into the beautiful memory lane of month that just passed by and look forward to something beautiful to happen in the same old routine life with the same old people. Isn’t that a celebration?

Speaking of the television commercial of Dairy Milk, I get inspired each time I watch it and a smile comes to me. Ah! Well! And who wouldn’t crave eating chocolates after looking or thinking of them! 😛

Therefore, did you have something sweet today?


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