The Day She was Killed!

She wanted to travel
Embrace the hills
And flow with the waves
Swim the seas
And Sink into the Night
She wanted to pen
About the world
About the people
About their Spirits
And her High Spirits!
She took a call
She took the road not taken
And walked!
She walked through the road
Looking for the hills
And the seas
And the people!
There was nobody!
Not a soul in sight!
She walked
With high hopes
With Beautiful Dreams
And yet aimlessly!
On the way
She was soothed by the grass
She healed with the rains
But then came the rocks
Rocks that came
Not as roadblocks
But as a bridge to the road ahead
The road ahead
That was not to be seen
But only hoped for
In her dreams!
She walked through
The rocks
Some nomad accompanied her
Yet disappeared soon!
He told her he’ll be there
And she always felt he was there
Never to be seen, Heard or touched!
Just felt!
And she walked
Through the rocks
In hope of the road ahead!
In hope of those hills
The seas and shores!
She was bruised
And yet she walked!
She walked without bothering for respite
She walked with hope
She walked with all that she had left within her!
Her liveliness was tamed
Her independence was robbed
Her hope slowly was killed
She walked with the little of “herself”
Left within!
She walked till she drained out.
Not a drop was left within –
Of compassion, hope or dreams
Of the realization of beauty!
Not a drop was left
With no sign of soul!
That day she was killed!
The hills, seas and moonlight
Remained absurd Corners of the Earth she read about or saw in pictures!
But nowhere they came on her way!
She was killed!
And so were her hopes and dreams-
Stabbed to death!


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