Pasta with Tomato and Bread Sauce

Pasta in a given random sauce is generally my meal, once a week: Cooked with veggies of choice, it does make a good, healthy and hassle-free meal. This time I wanted to make a pasta using a recipe recommended by a friend. However, since I didn’t get the time to get the main ingredient for the sauce, the plan went haywire! I checked the refrigerator and what was I left with? 2 Tomatoes and 2 Eggplants, two slices of bread!

I decided to experiment, thinking some disastrous meal is on the way. However, to my absolute surprise, it turned out better than I expected. Here’s the recipe:


Fusilli Pasta – 1 Bowl – Around 250g

Tomatoes – 2 – Crushed into a paste

Onion – 1 Small – Thin Sliced

Eggplant (Brinjal) – 2 small – Thin Sliced

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 3 tbsp

Bread Slice – 1 – cut into cubes

Herbs of Choice –  1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Pepper for seasoning

Milk – 1/4 Cup (5-7 tbsp)




Boil the Pasta in till al dente. Strain, grease with a tablespoon of olive oil, cover and keep aside. In a skillet/ vok, heat olive oil. Add the onion slices.


Saute the onions till their skin gets pink.


Add the sliced eggplant. Cook until Soft. Add bread cubes. Cook for a while till they absorb oil. Ensure they don’t become crisp.


Add herbs and saute well. I used thyme and basil.


Add the tomato paste, 1/2 cup of water and mix well. Mash the bread pieces with the spatula. Add water to not get a slight saucy consistency. Cook the mixture for 2-3 minutes till the tomatoes get well cooked.


Add milk. Mix well and cook for 30 seconds. If you overcook with milk, it gives some weird taste. If you want it a bit richer, you can replace milk with fresh whipped cream.


Add the boiled pasta. Fold in gradually. Add a little water to ensure they don’t get sticky. Cook for a minute.


Take out in a serving dish. Season with coarsely crushed pepper and red pepper flakes and serve hot.

You can garnish with Cheddar/ Parmesan cheese too.

Can go well with:

Soup | Fresh Juice (not citrus) | Aerated Drink | White Wine | Vodka


Footnote: I have used leftover ingredients. Among veggies, you can saute some bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, zucchini along along with the eggplant. 


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