Mother, Dad and I shifted to our home, way back in 2007. It has been nearly seven years now. Soon as we shifted, we thought of getting a name-plate made, with the names of the three of us, along with the house’s name. In India, I’ve seen this tradition of naming houses: it seems to give a feeling of belonging. After a lot of thought, it was the name suggested by mother, that we finalized upon: “Kalrav”

Kalrav is a Gujarati word meaning “chirping of birds”. Mother chose the name since she had observed many unusual birds chirping around our place. She associated the name with all the positivity, and in a hope that would bring in all the chirpy and happy moments to the house.

Of late, there has been great respite from the sweltering summer with rains hitting the quiet and green little settlement called Vidhyanagar, my home town. Thanks to the rains, a few birds have been chirping in my neighbourhood. I ain’t an ardent birdwatcher so hard to name any of them except pigeons. 😛

Nevertheless, here are a few glimpses of a few different birds I spotted around my house. I’ll post a collection in the subsequent posts.

Common Myna

Common Myna


Red-wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing





Brahminy Starling

Brahminy Starling


P.S. – Thanks to my blogger friend and an ardent bird watcher, Shail Mohan, to help me recognize most of them. I am nearly an illiterate, when it comes to identifying birds. 😀


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