Moods of a Brahminy Starling

Except for pigeons and some species of a sunbird, whichever birds I’ve encountered in my neighbourhood, of late, through the camera lens, appear to be violent – Mynas, Starlings, even Bulbuls. If you give a distant look, they’re those little darlings flying here and there, but a closer look at their sharp beak and wild iris tells a completely different story. Vigilant, Angry and Wild.
Take a look at a few different moods of this Brahminy Starling that frequents my neighbourhood.
Bird: Brahminy Starling | Month: July 2014 | Season: Onset of Monsoon | Place: Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat, India



All set to attack

One poke with my beak, and you’re finished Ms. Ant!



Kitne Aadmi They? 😛

Sorry I couldn’t think of anything other than Gabbar’s entry walk and fury, looking at that walking bird! 



Two For Joy

The Plot Thickens my dear Watson! (P.S. – Apologies for the resolution.)



Vigil and Warning

Frantic calls? 



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