Dear DSLR Camera,

This post has been written for Day 2 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today:Β A letter to your Crush!


Dear DSLR Camera,

You don’t really know how long have I been following you now! Call me a stalker, I don’t mind! The whole point is that my passion for photography comes for free but pursuing it seems to have come with a huge but worthy cost! πŸ˜› You’ve been such a wonderful invention and I can’t express how much I’ve been dying to hold you in my hands, and see the world through your eyes. I hope the moment comes someday soon. I’ll make it happen! Cross my heart and I hope to die!

There is such sheer beauty that I see in the world and I often wish I had a memory chip that I could attach to my brain, that’ll record only the beautiful things I see, and I could cherish them as memories, get back to them as and when I feel like. Unfortunately, neither am I god to alter my anatomy; nor am I a scientist who could really materialize this.

Nevertheless, it is all thanks to you who completes me in every sense and aspect of the world of beautiful memories I want to build and leave behind. We’ll embark upon the journey together and I am sure it’ll be a beautiful one for all we’ll do is create memories, a glimpse of how life in a jiffy can become a thing of beauty and indeed a joy forever.

All I’ll tell you is that, you hang on there, with the priced attitude you boast, and the sheer brilliance you have within you and I’m gonna get you off that stupid stand in the showroom where you’re tied up to a honking-siren-cord and people keep bothering you, every now and then. Have a little patience sweetheart, I am right on my way! Just think about me, you, the seas and the mountains!

Love. :*


9 thoughts on “Dear DSLR Camera,

    • Taking a credit card is another story- vicious circles of documents and other pre-requisites that just leave you hopeless! I can blog about that frustration – Paperwork and me!


  1. Let’s steal it

    But honestly speaking, is this the thought of every DSLR aspirant ?

    I have read a similar story in Life In a Jiffy.

    DSLR is our Birthright and we shall have it

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