Dear Mumma and Papa

This post has been written for Day 3 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A letter to your Parents!

To describe us, we’re three very different individuals co-existing under one roof. Mother and I are nearly atheists, Dad is a believer who respects rituals. Both of them believe in natural justice, I believe in fighting for it. Mother and I are highly impatient and Dad and I, highly emotional. Besides, three of us hail from different family backgrounds: Of course they both make mine, but it’s much different from theirs. We argue like crazy – if you get to see it someday, you’ll probably take it to be fighting. If there’s anything that connects us: acceptance and silent understanding. 

Of late, I’ve been hearing of parents being in their most ruthless self with their kids. I take myself to be more than lucky; rather blessed.  My bond with my parents has been unusually crystal clear and straightforward. Understanding, acceptance, support and love: all have been unconditionally just right there.

My lifeline


Dear Mumma and Papa,

Whenever I think of writing to you, I space out, while I actually have too much to express. Let me try and do it this time. To me, you are what a family means in a true sense: “Being there, with open arms, unconditionally, no matter what!” 

Flooded with memories of whatever we’ve shared till date, good or bad, bitter or sweet; I wish to mention certain moments here. I remember 2010 – perhaps a year of my best achievements and worst debacles – a year when I graduated in Engineering, and I was rewarded for many things. Soon after, I secured admission for post graduation in Engineering. You were proud of me; yet something within me had been pinching for long, didn’t feel right. The turmoil had just begun. Two months later, I came to you and said that I don’t want to study; that I couldn’t see that passion and vision in myself that I saw in my contemporaries. I wanted to become a writer and pursue my post graduation with communications. The usual followed: we did pros and cons. I was confused, intimidated for a while but knew I won’t be able to survive Engineering anymore. I didn’t say anything. This is when you came to me and told me, “We may be of a different opinion; but that does not cease us from supporting you. We’re there beta. You take a call. And whatever happens, we’ll be there!”

Perhaps that’s what gave me the strength and confidence of getting my admission cancelled, taking a year’s time out to prepare for Communications. And here I am, in the pursuit of happiness. That moment, I still can’t forget and it gives me strength, time and again when I am down, it gives me the patience to work hard, hold on and tell myself, there are better days ahead.

Then I remember the day, I guess some three years back, when I told you in the most direct and unpredictable manner about my being in a relationship with Shantanu. How we laughed it out and your unsaid “yes” was simply assertive.

Next I recall is the day before of my wedding. How nervous and petrified I was, unable to take those jitters. It was you both, who held me to only say, “We’ll always be there, right beside you, holding your hand. You have a beautiful life ahead with the person you love the most, just go and make the most out of it.”

Mom, dad, there have always been moments when you have stood by me and had you not been there, I would have remained disillusioned. I know I’ve not been an ideal daughter in many aspects and I have received much much more than what I deserve. I’d probably never be able to make myself to be a person as beautiful as you both. God has definitely made you better than me, I assure. Yet, I just want to let you know that I’m there, right beside you! I’ll be there to make every effort to make life beautiful for you.




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