Dear Siblings,

This post has been written for Day 4 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to your Siblings!

I’ve been an only child with no siblings. That gap has often been filled by several friends and cousins. The word siblings makes me relate to a lot many people. Today when I am to write a letter to my siblings, picking one, making a choice has never been tougher. I’ll try and write short snippets to a few special ones. Except for one, I don’t share a blood relation with neither; yet, they’re my proud siblings, my family in every sense!


Dear Mansi,

We’ve done almost everything together since we were five year olds. Through these twenty years, I am amazed with the fact how wonderfully everything between us fell perfectly in place in every single aspect, despite us being continents apart today, onto different strides. It feels as if we were always there. Just like I don’t call you for weeks and suddenly one afternoon when you’re cooking Sambar, I call you to tell the most idiotic things that have been happening. Or just ahead of your visit to vidhyanagar, you make a list of restaurants and eating joints to be visited to relish specific things with me. Or you call me on a random evening and say, “Life is hell, we gotta meet” and fifteen minutes later, we land up somewhere. I hope this silent faith and understanding that we’re a call away, keeps us entwined in the thread of the beautiful friendship, sisterhood we share, even when fifty years later.

Love you always!


Dear Tanu tey Sonu,

Perhaps I might have done the most whacky of things with you both, that I must never have imagined myself doing ever! I still remember making Tanya shout at the top of her voice from our third floor balcony (that opens to the main road), “I want to be India’s Prime Minister!” or discussing food and travel with her, endlessly and then laughing for ten fifteen minutes straight without a reason. And tell me how do I forget arranging that midnight birthday surprise for Sonu in her own house: Sitting in the bathroom and writing her birthday card, hiding it in the fridge 😛 ROFL! We’ve done all what three girl-friends do – slumber parties, getting emotional, discussing love lives, doing pros and cons, naming each of our classmates, talking all sorts of nonsense that makes sense and more. Perhaps the best part is: we’ve been there and even time and distance hasn’t really done us any apart!

Love you both!


Dear Sreedhu,

Nitu, I am coming home at 4.30pm. I’ll get my pendrive, want to copy some songs,” you’d say. “Alright Sreedhu, drop in!” You arrived, and it started raining and then told me, “Let’s have coffee and Bhajiya”  It started with that, followed by long conversations in the college canteen, over sips of coffee. Frankly, I didn’t realize, when exactly we transformed from classmates to friends to siblings. The point is, whenever it’s you, there’s fun, there’s music (most importantly), there’s awesomeness and creativity. Basically there is everything that says, living life means to be happy being simplest!



Dear Urvi Di,

I can’t really find words to describe our relationship. I can count on my fingertips, the number of times we’ve met or talked; yet we share this special feeling for one another. I am always inspired with the confidence and liveliness you permeate and I feel, Okay that was the simplest ever way I could look at life! I don’t want to mention how we’re related but rather just cherish the fact, we’re sisters since forever! You’ve shaped and inspired many aspects of my life, of me.

Love you loads!


Dear Apoorv,

For the namesake, we’ve been cousins who have known each other, since we were kids. However, unlike the usual, our bond defines the blood-relation we’re bound by and I am proud of the fact! One person who can rightly tell my beloved husband and still smile, “You better take care of my li’l sister; else watch it!” I loved that somehow! I tend to take that unusual pride of being your younger sister, for it somehow gives me that feeling of being extra pampered and cared for.



Dear Carol,

From the time we’ve met, you’ve been that elder sister who has held me up through my tough times. However, apart from being there for one another and enjoying good times together, what I’ve thoroughly enjoyed is working with you as a contemporary and the creative things we’ve done together; needless to mention we make a great team! 🙂 While handling the many college projects, each time coming up with something or the other new, the joy of creating something together with our joint efforts has been a different level of happiness. For us, it’s like, we meet on no occasion, with no set deadline and agenda, with no fancy menu/ venue for dinner or anything; just two ordinary cups of tea and yet the time we share becomes special. Very rarely does that feeling at home happens. I am glad.

Love & Best Wishes.


One thought on “Dear Siblings,

  1. Superlikes.

    I wonder how could you miss me

    We are like the direct descendants of Adam and Eve. Every person around us is related in one way or other and we end up believing if we are siblings.

    We fight like them. We care for each other like them.

    So I believe that we are the most natural siblings

    Yours lovingly, Nishu.


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