Dear Ex Boyfriend

This post has been written for Day 7 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to Your Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush!

I got to write two letters here: one is obvious and the other, not so obvious. You choose which one is which way. Here I go.

Ex Boyfriend,

You don’t exist anymore for me! I thank myself for your extinction from my life.

Someone who was never yours!


Dear Engineering,

You perhaps were the most beautiful, chirpy, happy and enlightening phase of my life, until I met who I was meant to be with: “Writing”!

I have never ceased to like you! Those dull and dreary theories you enlightened me with, how innocently and sincerely I used to try and figure them out, thinking it will lead to deeper meanings and some day get me to master the art of “constantly keep on creating something.”

Even if a professor with no brains stood forth me blabbering nonsense written in a ridiculous text book, my dedication to try and unravel your mysteries never ended. Well, you’ve always been like that, haven’t you? Like the Crystal clear, silent waters that run deep.

Logic was something that brought us both together but it took me four years with you to realize our mathematics was different! Two twos didnt necessarily make four for me each time for seeing them at different times, in different minds, gave me different perspectives & proportions each time. Probably, unlike yours, there wasn’t a universal key that fitted all my locks.

It was in 2010, when we parted ways. It was a difficult choice for me; I was at a crossroad of life where opinions of my mind and heart didn’t coincide. But then, we parted on a positive note and I am thankful for whatever you’ve infused into me. Wherever I go, it will remain a part of me forever.

The nuts and bolts man, your best friend, who I am married to, tells me your postive influence on me still reflects in my approach and thinking. Each time he says this, I smile.

Our love affair may not have materialized into a closure but we sure did gift one another a beautiful memory. I guess this is how life is ~ move on and have no regrets!

You’ll continue to reflect in all the good I undertake.


Nirvana ♥


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