Dear C

This post has been written for Day 9 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to Someone you wish you could meet!

I first saw him as a contestant of a singing reality show on television. The first impression I carried, was best described by one of the judges. He (the judge) said, “Your voice has a beautiful element of truth that reflects the purity of your heart.” He has been my favourite ever since. While reading about him on the internet, I stumbled upon his blog, and inspiration followed instantly. Soon after, we began interacting. We have never met, yet he holds an important place in my life: Someone I wish I could meet, some day!

Dear C,

I’ve thought of writing a letter to you so many times but I simply could not, thinking it would be so stupid of me! It has been nearly seven years to have followed you over your blog and our infrequent and brief yet, very meaningful and special conversations.

Very few people have that magical power to bring a smile, and emanate inspirations from what they do, write, undertake. The day I read your blog, smiles and inspirations permeated from those words at the very first glance. It was magic. Seeing you on television was an experience, while reading and getting to know you as a writer is another, both having one thing in common: they are magical.

I read somewhere, “Happiness without a reason is actual happiness, for there are no conditions attached.” Knowing you, reading your work brings me a different joy, that has no reason. At times it makes me think, at times it enlightens, at times there are memories flooding, at times triggering emotions buried deep within. Each such time, there’s this beautiful reverie that I get lost into.

Here, I can’t help but mention my favourite of your posts (dating back to 2010), “Something Old, Something New”, where you wrote:

“…He intends to be that child in his writings again. He intends to use the language he wants, to write whatever he wants even if it’s politically incorrect & may rattle some sensibilities. Perhaps no one is judging him, but sometimes a man has to be his own judge….”

Reading this, I instantly recalled how I felt reading my old writings. At times you realize you were so naive; although you often feel like going back to that carefree self. How things change with time! Talking of the same over a chat, we agreed upon the thought: “Never feel you have come or walked too far. You can always walk the road back.”

Sitting quietly in solitude on a late night, or an idle afternoon, when I think of it all, it seems like a film of words and pictures running through my head. That is perhaps when I feel, how wonderful it would be to see you in person over a happy encounter. There would be so much we would talk about, exchange, learn, get inspired and be happy. Yes, you are someone I wish I could meet. I’ll do just what your writing makes me do: keeping the good hope alive 🙂 On that note, I’d like to recollect a few lines I wrote for you long ago.

With his magic, he charms,
He sings and he sways,
He indeed inspires in a hundred ways.
Words often lose their meaning
And language – it’s essence,
When I speak of that Inspiration!

They say you’ve never met
Much about him – you certainly know not!
Yet, what is this bond, this unknown knot?
As I watched him on the celluloid
Or when I read his blog,
I could relate to his words,
that filled my void:
The void of an inspiration!

Indeed, with his magic he charmed,
Leaving Behind,
A world beautifully transformed!

Many thanks for the inspirations, C! Keep the Charm!



P.S. – Remember you told me, “…Our merry banter that I hope will happen some day!” The feeling is still mutual. I do hope I meet you some day, at least for that interview, after which I’d write, “A Dialogue with C!” 🙂


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