Dear Shail the Versatile

This post has been written for Day 8 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to a Your Favourite Internet Friend !

Dear Shail the Versatile,

I’ve always wanted to tell you what a huge inspiration you are! What better a chance than this could I have grabbed? I don’t exactly remember how we began interacting, whether it was blogs or facebook. Nevertheless, something I feel connects me to you is writing and our love for dogs.

I often wonder how do you manage doing so much with sheer flawlessness – Writing, Photography, Luci, the many Birdies & Your family.

By doing everything that you’ve been doing straight from the heart, you simply prove this one right:

“If there’s a will, passion, fuelled with love and interest coming straight from the heart, there’s no stopping, there are no boundaries, there is no age, there is no protocol, there is simply you and your skill that journey through effort and mistske to reach an accomplishment that only gets joy.” 🙂

I’m sorry if that was a long one! 😛
My admiration for you increased as you made me e-meet Luci and how I could relate you to mother and her to Chhotu! Ah! Perhaps it’s an animal lover that understands the others’ sentiment truly (Err.. Except for an insect-lovers’ sentiments please. ‘Count’ me out on that)

All I’d like to tell you is: You bring in a smile with little things you innocently do.

Thank you for those silent inspirations and tonnes of Luci love you send my way. :*

Love & Regards,


P.S. – I hope to see you sometime soon.


2 thoughts on “Dear Shail the Versatile

  1. Wow. this sure has come as a big surprise! 🙂 When someone says I don many hats, I really am happy about it. When they say I do them well, I am really grateful that they noticed. Thank you. Thank you very much indeed.
    Even I am not sure how we met. i have seen you often on Hrishi’s page and one day we became Facebook friends. That’s when I remembered I had seen your name somewhere else too. So I went to look up and saw that you had sent me a message about something way back to which I had never replied. Very sorry about that. Usually I do reply and let people know if I am not interested in something. There, I feel better now that I have confessed 🙂
    People who love dogs have a strange bond.
    Let’s hope we’ll meet and get to click all those birds I am dying to see 🙂
    Thank you so very much 🙂

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  2. Wow! That perhaps makes one of the best replies to my letter, I ever received. Thank you for that effort for crafting such a lovely reply to my letter! I can’t just call this one a post! No wonder you inspire me! 🙂


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