To the people I hate the most,

This post has been written for Day 12 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to the person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain.


To the people I hate the most,

No you are not at all dear, so you won’t even be addressed that way. Get it clear right away, I hate you. And I have no intentions whatsoever to tell you anything! But given a chance to write this letter, there’s probably no harm in communicating certain things.

What you do in your life, and the way you choose to live is utterly your choice. I am indeed nobody to interfere. But then, the way you are or have been, most often, I am glad I have distanced myself from you. I’ve always grown up learning and absorbing one thing: always be truthful and honest to your deeds and morals.

That is what I guess I mistook from your painted face, failing to see the real, dishonest, unprofessional, vindictive face of a liar, a cheat!

You were dishonest and absolutely uncommitted to your work and how conveniently you thought you were fooling me and others. Well, you just proved yourself to be a bigger fool. And yes, let me tell you, you have no standards whatsoever for you’re dishonest to every piece of bread you earn!

You think you could use me, take advantage of my feelings, willingness to help, my open-minded attitude and get yourself a “Heroic” image telling others you conveniently played around and then dumped an emotional fool? Being in the most respected professions, belonging to that (professional) section of the society whose ethics and morals are the most respected ~ you just proved to the world how dishonest and “Moral-less” people of your breed can get so they better beware of you!

You think you could talk nonsense about me behind my back and I would never know of it. Well, good confidence. It would have been better if you had that confidence to look at your reflection in the mirror, eye to eye; or the confidence for your own principles and credibility. Silly me! I just forgot you never had any.

In whatever form you’ve met me till date, well, you exist no more, for even if you appear before me, I can see through you! 🙂


~ Someone who has just bettered the art of knowing people after meeting bastards like you!


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