Moods of a Brahminy Starling

Except for pigeons and some species of a sunbird, whichever birds I’ve encountered in my neighbourhood, of late, through the camera lens, appear to be violent – Mynas, Starlings, even Bulbuls. If you give a distant look, they’re those little darlings flying here and there, but a closer look at their sharp beak and wild iris tells a completely different story. Vigilant, Angry and Wild.
Take a look at a few different moods of this Brahminy Starling that frequents my neighbourhood.
Bird: Brahminy Starling | Month: July 2014 | Season: Onset of Monsoon | Place: Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat, India



All set to attack

One poke with my beak, and you’re finished Ms. Ant!



Kitne Aadmi They? 😛

Sorry I couldn’t think of anything other than Gabbar’s entry walk and fury, looking at that walking bird! 



Two For Joy

The Plot Thickens my dear Watson! (P.S. – Apologies for the resolution.)



Vigil and Warning

Frantic calls? 




Mother, Dad and I shifted to our home, way back in 2007. It has been nearly seven years now. Soon as we shifted, we thought of getting a name-plate made, with the names of the three of us, along with the house’s name. In India, I’ve seen this tradition of naming houses: it seems to give a feeling of belonging. After a lot of thought, it was the name suggested by mother, that we finalized upon: “Kalrav”

Kalrav is a Gujarati word meaning “chirping of birds”. Mother chose the name since she had observed many unusual birds chirping around our place. She associated the name with all the positivity, and in a hope that would bring in all the chirpy and happy moments to the house.

Of late, there has been great respite from the sweltering summer with rains hitting the quiet and green little settlement called Vidhyanagar, my home town. Thanks to the rains, a few birds have been chirping in my neighbourhood. I ain’t an ardent birdwatcher so hard to name any of them except pigeons. 😛

Nevertheless, here are a few glimpses of a few different birds I spotted around my house. I’ll post a collection in the subsequent posts.

Common Myna

Common Myna


Red-wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing





Brahminy Starling

Brahminy Starling


P.S. – Thanks to my blogger friend and an ardent bird watcher, Shail Mohan, to help me recognize most of them. I am nearly an illiterate, when it comes to identifying birds. 😀

The Dog Lover’s Tale

When Shail and I happen to briefly about our dogs in facebook posts and blog comments, we go gaga over little things our dogs do. It appears that we are amazed by the sheer brilliance with which Dogs express feelings and how selflessly can dogs love humans! Well, eventually while talking to one another, briefly, we realized that perhaps all dog lovers are same.

Every day when I call mother to ask if things are fine at home and the casual chat, she never ceases to mention about Chhotu (my dog) and his three female companions (other three of my dogs) and their routine. Whenever I meet a fellow dog lover, whether in my neighbourhood or office or elsewhere, I never cease to talk about what bliss it is to have dogs and what fun it is when they’re up to mischief, despite the rattle and innocent ruckus they create to bring the house down!

Often when Hrishikesh and I talk about cats it’s more or less the same. Tanya, Caroline, Manasa and Sameera are a few other dog-lover friends who keep asking about my dogs, whenever we speak to each other and the moment we’re onto talking about pets, the conversation is bound to expand endlessly.

Even when I see puppies or stray dogs anywhere on the streets or otherwise, I go play with them, feed them with glucose biscuits more often, check their earlobes for bugs and remove them if any are around and I don’t regret doing this!

With all these experiences, I have come to realize one thing: Dog lovers or rather animal lovers in general are really and perhaps innocently blessed with beautiful eyes of the mind, to endlessly observe and express things about their pets. And proudly being one of them, here are a few moods of Chhotu!


Chhotu staring at me if I put the TV volume loud and he's sleeping on my lap!

Chhotu staring at me if I put the TV volume loud and he’s sleeping on my lap!


Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty


Emotional Chhotu

Emotional Chhotu

Doggie Moods!

Perhaps all the dog lovers share the same opinion that dogs too have different moods. Yes, they can be moody: From happy to sad to guilty to laughter to overwhelmed to crazy to emotional to almost everything that humans can understand without knowing dog language.

ChilliMy life seemed to change after Chilly came to our place on that monsoon evening, chasing butterflies! It rained heavily that evening and since the colony roads were too much water logged, Chilli took shelter in the backyard of my house. Ever since, Chilly has been a part of our family. And ever since, I have never seen mom under any sort of depression or deteriorating health: I had read that dogs are stress busters and they help you keep good health. Now I know they do.

Two generations came soon after chilli, some went for adoption and the rest stayed at my place making a total of four dogs now: Chilly, Chhotu, Chhoti & Mini!

PuppiesAs kids all the dogs are equally playful, no matter how angry or sad or tired you are: if they’re up, they’d always wanna play with you. But as they grow up, they begin to understand your moods, get used to your presence or absence.

Chhotu  - SadI remember, Chhotu did not talk to us while we got back from a four-day Diwali break. There were care-takers, to feed them and watch on their routines; but all he wanted was our company!

For me the best part about dogs is, you’d never need a companion – they amaze you with their sheer creativity and yet, love you unconditionally! A few moods of dogs I’d like to share in pictures.


This is how they welcome you when you get back home from outside, even if you were out for ten minutes 🙂




That’s how they cutely fight among each other trying to shoo one another away – just to make sure they get the attention first!

Wild Mini

That’s mini getting wild at me when she was barely 2 months old. She used to climb up the sofa back and then try to cat-walk slowly. When I tried to pick her up, this is the look I used to get.

chhotu - birthday mood









That’s Chhotu’s first birthday and he was scared of that silly cap on his face! Chilli tore the cap minutes later 😛


Those are the little pups that we gave away for adoption. Look at those mischievious eyes! Up to no good I can say! 😀

So that’s about my dogs; rather moody dogs!