Her love affair with the dream!

Pic: openwalls.com

Pic: openwalls.com

She had a dream!
Inspired by its gleam,
She set out on her journey!
It indeed was a strange love affair
Of courage and fear
Of hope & despair!

The ship of her dreams steered through the waves
Yet often, the storms hit!
She knew she had to be brave,
And continue sailing with determination & grit!

To find lost directions
Or discover new ones!
All that mattered was to continue the journey
And live her love affair
with that cherished dream!

No failure stopped her
Her occasional slow pace didn’t bother her!
She knew what mattered was her ‘self’
And not what the world wanted to make out of her!
Despite many limitations,
Her inspired self, indeed remained unfazed!

She journeyed through the good and bad!
And then came another milestone!
When she realised, how time flew!
A year had passed and her journey still continued!

She took a gasp of fresh air
As she woke up to a blessed dawn!
Memories of yore suddenly came to life!
Of what she missed, of what she left behind…
…as she chased a dream!
In the sad & happy moments few,
What mattered were inspirations new,
Gifted by her most cherished possession
Her love affair with the dream!

There she set out, on yet another journey…
…Of self-discovery
…Of knowing her best & worst!
…Of beating her own bests!
…Of seeking her own truth!
…Of the most beautiful solitude!
A journey of simply being her!
A journey of living and dying each new day,
And let another new day arrive…

with inspirations & gay!
She still has that dream
Inspired by its gleam
She’ll continue to sail and chase
What she calls her cherished dream!


The happy bits of you & me!


Image Courtesy: lifehack.org

Walking aimlessly onto the riverside were the two of us

Driving carefree through roads full of bustle were the two of us

Singing aloud at midnight, high on euphoria & wine were the two of us

Relishing the same silly breakfast each day, were the two of us

Walking home to one another’s warm embrace were the two of us

Having the same old endless merry banters over dinner were the two of us

How joyfully we strolled the road of life!

With your fingers entwined in mine,

We basked in a comfortable silence,

No words could ever define!

Some blessed moment soon, wish we re-lived that time again,

When times of togetherness would greet us every now & then!

When unwinding meant a gentle stroke through my locks,

When joys meant laughing over silly chatters and talks

When love meant a silent gaze into your eyes

And fulfilment, a promise of good hope

That would let us, ‘together’ soar the skies!

How I miss those blessed moments!

How I wish those blessed moments,

Soon turn into a beautiful reality!

When I wake up each morning, not just to the happy sunlight

But to the sight of the mirror, where I’d see ~

The happy bits of you & me!

Dear Shail the Versatile

This post has been written for Day 8 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to a Your Favourite Internet Friend !

Dear Shail the Versatile,

I’ve always wanted to tell you what a huge inspiration you are! What better a chance than this could I have grabbed? I don’t exactly remember how we began interacting, whether it was blogs or facebook. Nevertheless, something I feel connects me to you is writing and our love for dogs.

I often wonder how do you manage doing so much with sheer flawlessness – Writing, Photography, Luci, the many Birdies & Your family.

By doing everything that you’ve been doing straight from the heart, you simply prove this one right:

“If there’s a will, passion, fuelled with love and interest coming straight from the heart, there’s no stopping, there are no boundaries, there is no age, there is no protocol, there is simply you and your skill that journey through effort and mistske to reach an accomplishment that only gets joy.” 🙂

I’m sorry if that was a long one! 😛
My admiration for you increased as you made me e-meet Luci and how I could relate you to mother and her to Chhotu! Ah! Perhaps it’s an animal lover that understands the others’ sentiment truly (Err.. Except for an insect-lovers’ sentiments please. ‘Count’ me out on that)

All I’d like to tell you is: You bring in a smile with little things you innocently do.

Thank you for those silent inspirations and tonnes of Luci love you send my way. :*

Love & Regards,


P.S. – I hope to see you sometime soon.

As those eyes embraced the rain

As the drops of rain poured in

The Sky Roared and the windows clanged

The shutters stuttered

The lights dimmed on and off

Amid the scare and cloudy dark,

Two hopeful eyes smiled in respite

As if a child seeing his first rain!

The two eyes shone bright

There was joy, there was delight.

They open and shut gradually,

As the droplets sprayed.

Age might have wrinkled the lids

But the hopes are fresh

And dreams intact!

Those eyes have seen a lot in time

From Happiness to pain,

Been through Glee and Vain,

And yet they smiled in simplicity –

The life’s only wisdom!

It’s the joy of embracing the rains

After seasons of hard work.

Sitting at the porch

There they saw through the spectacle of time

The beauty of life pouring on them!

ZooZoos inspired me!

The vodafone zoozoo ads is something everyone must have caught up with! The first time i saw the ad, I was so irritated with the shrill sound that they had…!! Eeww!
I dont exactly remember how and why I fell for them but today the vodafone zoozoo ads are ine of the best I’ve ever seen!
First came ZooZoos and then came zummi- zummi 😛 hahahaha! Take a look:

When I see these ads, what i particularly love and appreciate about it is the simplicity of stories and yet so connecting. Simply amazing! And then I think how wonderful it would be if life was all that simple! You ask someobe out, give them flowers and they smile and say yes! Wow!  Insipiring isn’t it? To always look for joy in life! 🙂

When I think of inspiring ads, i remember some wonderful ones I saw –

1. Dairymilk Ads – Middle aged woman wears jeans

2. Dairymilk Ads – Girl trying to have chocolate after putting mehendi on

3. Surf Excel – daag achchhe hain

4. Raymond’s – Farewell to the school teacher

5. ZooZoo – Boy Proposes to  girl

(the video is some language I can’t comprehend but you can check out the video, it still tells some nice stories)

And so on..!!

P.S. – The links have been appended in the post as an edit.

An Ode to the Paradise in Solitude


Till Yesterday –

She was just another face in the multitude;

She lived, she laughed to enjoy life’s ride;

She loved to express; her words meant something;

She was detached with smiles, and yet moving on;

She walked the road all alone;

Hers was a journey soaked in solitude;

A beautiful one, yet all in seclusion.


She’s the same face, yet different;

Her eyes are the same, hopes have multiplied.

Her questions are the same, perspectives have changed.

Joys are still there within, reasons have multiplied.

She ambles in solitude; yet a shadow always follows!

Her dreams are still the same; yet she embraces them with confidence!

She still loves to express; her words are inspired by miracles

Those miracles – she just began to believe in!


Her life’s got a new meaning;

Glee and Delight are freshly and noveau;

Richness has turned its little box into a treasure.

A Cupid just touched her;

And she’s got wings to soar the seventh sky –

Where she found her paradise in solitude.

Cafés and Me

My relationship with Coffee shops and Cafés has been going on for about six years now. Contrary to that, as I hail from the small and peaceful town of Anand, the whole idea of a coffee shop or a cafe had neither been popular there and definitely not in my mind. Therefore, whenever I used to see a Café , I used to be amazed and always wanted to visit one. Anand does have a Café Coffee Day and a Chocolate room but with the meagre pocket money in college, I usually saved the visits for special occasions rather than frequent visits. At that time, a café was just another restaurant or coffee/ dessert joint that I would visit to hang out. Never that I had been to the place alone.

My hostel life or say away from parents life began in 2011, when I moved to Ahmedabad for my post-graduation. The whole concept of Cafés seemed to click ever since then. Therefore, the six year long relationship turned into a love affair ever since 2011.

The best part about Cafés is that you can settle yourself on those comfortable couches or chairs and simply sink into your own world: Nobody would disturb you except for it is an occasion like Friendship Day or Valentine’s Day or New Year. Probably I would not choose going to a coffee shop at such times. Whether you have company or not doesn’t matter. For me, probably a good coffee would be the only condition.

Some of the best moments of my life I have perhaps spent were at a Café: be it waiting for Shantanu (my husband) or preparing for my intercollege events or deciding the script for my documentary or blog or even preparing for my journalism final semester exams! Coffee shops or even the thought of them – inspire me. With that inspiration, I’ve done some of the few best things that have made me feel happy and content.

I remember those times when Shantanu, I and Ketan (our friend) used to hang out at Barista late in the night. Or Shantanu

Shantanu & Ketan playing Chess at Barista, Ahmedabad ~ Our Late Night hangouts

& I used to catch up with Hrishikesh on those early evenings of Sunday again at Barista. Even today, if asked to work from home, many a time, I happily walk down to the Café nearby and work. With organizational rules, I don’t get to do that being in office, but I would love to sneak out one fine day. Cafés and Coffee shops to me are just a pleasant soothing affair where I am away from the hustle and bustle and sunk into my own beautiful solitude, whether it’s in a book, a conversation, my work on the laptop or simply some introspection and soliloquy.