Her love affair with the dream!

Pic: openwalls.com

Pic: openwalls.com

She had a dream!
Inspired by its gleam,
She set out on her journey!
It indeed was a strange love affair
Of courage and fear
Of hope & despair!

The ship of her dreams steered through the waves
Yet often, the storms hit!
She knew she had to be brave,
And continue sailing with determination & grit!

To find lost directions
Or discover new ones!
All that mattered was to continue the journey
And live her love affair
with that cherished dream!

No failure stopped her
Her occasional slow pace didn’t bother her!
She knew what mattered was her ‘self’
And not what the world wanted to make out of her!
Despite many limitations,
Her inspired self, indeed remained unfazed!

She journeyed through the good and bad!
And then came another milestone!
When she realised, how time flew!
A year had passed and her journey still continued!

She took a gasp of fresh air
As she woke up to a blessed dawn!
Memories of yore suddenly came to life!
Of what she missed, of what she left behind…
…as she chased a dream!
In the sad & happy moments few,
What mattered were inspirations new,
Gifted by her most cherished possession
Her love affair with the dream!

There she set out, on yet another journey…
…Of self-discovery
…Of knowing her best & worst!
…Of beating her own bests!
…Of seeking her own truth!
…Of the most beautiful solitude!
A journey of simply being her!
A journey of living and dying each new day,
And let another new day arrive…

with inspirations & gay!
She still has that dream
Inspired by its gleam
She’ll continue to sail and chase
What she calls her cherished dream!


The happy bits of you & me!


Image Courtesy: lifehack.org

Walking aimlessly onto the riverside were the two of us

Driving carefree through roads full of bustle were the two of us

Singing aloud at midnight, high on euphoria & wine were the two of us

Relishing the same silly breakfast each day, were the two of us

Walking home to one another’s warm embrace were the two of us

Having the same old endless merry banters over dinner were the two of us

How joyfully we strolled the road of life!

With your fingers entwined in mine,

We basked in a comfortable silence,

No words could ever define!

Some blessed moment soon, wish we re-lived that time again,

When times of togetherness would greet us every now & then!

When unwinding meant a gentle stroke through my locks,

When joys meant laughing over silly chatters and talks

When love meant a silent gaze into your eyes

And fulfilment, a promise of good hope

That would let us, ‘together’ soar the skies!

How I miss those blessed moments!

How I wish those blessed moments,

Soon turn into a beautiful reality!

When I wake up each morning, not just to the happy sunlight

But to the sight of the mirror, where I’d see ~

The happy bits of you & me!

Dear C

This post has been written for Day 9 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to Someone you wish you could meet!

I first saw him as a contestant of a singing reality show on television. The first impression I carried, was best described by one of the judges. He (the judge) said, “Your voice has a beautiful element of truth that reflects the purity of your heart.” He has been my favourite ever since. While reading about him on the internet, I stumbled upon his blog, and inspiration followed instantly. Soon after, we began interacting. We have never met, yet he holds an important place in my life: Someone I wish I could meet, some day!

Dear C,

I’ve thought of writing a letter to you so many times but I simply could not, thinking it would be so stupid of me! It has been nearly seven years to have followed you over your blog and our infrequent and brief yet, very meaningful and special conversations.

Very few people have that magical power to bring a smile, and emanate inspirations from what they do, write, undertake. The day I read your blog, smiles and inspirations permeated from those words at the very first glance. It was magic. Seeing you on television was an experience, while reading and getting to know you as a writer is another, both having one thing in common: they are magical.

I read somewhere, “Happiness without a reason is actual happiness, for there are no conditions attached.” Knowing you, reading your work brings me a different joy, that has no reason. At times it makes me think, at times it enlightens, at times there are memories flooding, at times triggering emotions buried deep within. Each such time, there’s this beautiful reverie that I get lost into.

Here, I can’t help but mention my favourite of your posts (dating back to 2010), “Something Old, Something New”, where you wrote:

“…He intends to be that child in his writings again. He intends to use the language he wants, to write whatever he wants even if it’s politically incorrect & may rattle some sensibilities. Perhaps no one is judging him, but sometimes a man has to be his own judge….”

Reading this, I instantly recalled how I felt reading my old writings. At times you realize you were so naive; although you often feel like going back to that carefree self. How things change with time! Talking of the same over a chat, we agreed upon the thought: “Never feel you have come or walked too far. You can always walk the road back.”

Sitting quietly in solitude on a late night, or an idle afternoon, when I think of it all, it seems like a film of words and pictures running through my head. That is perhaps when I feel, how wonderful it would be to see you in person over a happy encounter. There would be so much we would talk about, exchange, learn, get inspired and be happy. Yes, you are someone I wish I could meet. I’ll do just what your writing makes me do: keeping the good hope alive 🙂 On that note, I’d like to recollect a few lines I wrote for you long ago.

With his magic, he charms,
He sings and he sways,
He indeed inspires in a hundred ways.
Words often lose their meaning
And language – it’s essence,
When I speak of that Inspiration!

They say you’ve never met
Much about him – you certainly know not!
Yet, what is this bond, this unknown knot?
As I watched him on the celluloid
Or when I read his blog,
I could relate to his words,
that filled my void:
The void of an inspiration!

Indeed, with his magic he charmed,
Leaving Behind,
A world beautifully transformed!

Many thanks for the inspirations, C! Keep the Charm!



P.S. – Remember you told me, “…Our merry banter that I hope will happen some day!” The feeling is still mutual. I do hope I meet you some day, at least for that interview, after which I’d write, “A Dialogue with C!” 🙂

Dear Ex Boyfriend

This post has been written for Day 7 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to Your Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush!

I got to write two letters here: one is obvious and the other, not so obvious. You choose which one is which way. Here I go.

Ex Boyfriend,

You don’t exist anymore for me! I thank myself for your extinction from my life.

Someone who was never yours!


Dear Engineering,

You perhaps were the most beautiful, chirpy, happy and enlightening phase of my life, until I met who I was meant to be with: “Writing”!

I have never ceased to like you! Those dull and dreary theories you enlightened me with, how innocently and sincerely I used to try and figure them out, thinking it will lead to deeper meanings and some day get me to master the art of “constantly keep on creating something.”

Even if a professor with no brains stood forth me blabbering nonsense written in a ridiculous text book, my dedication to try and unravel your mysteries never ended. Well, you’ve always been like that, haven’t you? Like the Crystal clear, silent waters that run deep.

Logic was something that brought us both together but it took me four years with you to realize our mathematics was different! Two twos didnt necessarily make four for me each time for seeing them at different times, in different minds, gave me different perspectives & proportions each time. Probably, unlike yours, there wasn’t a universal key that fitted all my locks.

It was in 2010, when we parted ways. It was a difficult choice for me; I was at a crossroad of life where opinions of my mind and heart didn’t coincide. But then, we parted on a positive note and I am thankful for whatever you’ve infused into me. Wherever I go, it will remain a part of me forever.

The nuts and bolts man, your best friend, who I am married to, tells me your postive influence on me still reflects in my approach and thinking. Each time he says this, I smile.

Our love affair may not have materialized into a closure but we sure did gift one another a beautiful memory. I guess this is how life is ~ move on and have no regrets!

You’ll continue to reflect in all the good I undertake.


Nirvana ♥

Dear Dreams,

This post has been written for Day 5 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to your Dreams!


Dear Dreams,

My mind has been a home to countless ideas, thoughts, feelings and pieces of imagination that tell different stories through you! Often I forget these stories; however, I do remember many of them too. Had you not been there, I would have seldom known of the sheer genius my mind was!

I love you for the beautiful inspirations you give me through those stories! However, I hate you for those nervous jitters with which I wake up sometimes. Perhaps that’s your nasty thought of a mischief, that has never appealed to me.

Anyhow, that argument between us can perhaps go on forever. Today, while thinking of something, I recalled one of the most beautiful stories you’ve ever told me ~ a story that left me a very beautiful memory too. Let me share this memory with you. Here I go!

How beautiful was that dawn ~
The dawn of my dreams!
Just as the sunlight peeped,
How the little birds chirped!
As the breeze blew the curtain’s lace,
The frosty sunlight shined on his face.

How beautiful was that dawn ~
The dawn of my dreams!
The gleaming sunlight
Brought him an unusual delight!
Slowly faded, the night’s dewy haze
How he smiled, with that mischievous gaze!

How beautiful was that dawn ~
The dawn of my dreams!
As those tiny leaves on the myriad branches
Danced and Swayed
See how the aureate sunlight and shadow played;
And such a magnificent painting they made.

How beautiful was that dawn ~
The dawn of my dreams!
The sun rose so gently,
The rays raced to illuminate the sky
Ah! That sight –
Of the clear blue sky;
And see how those seagulls that fly.

How beautiful was that dawn ~
The dawn of my dreams!
The scent of that warm breeze
I wished forever in beauty,
May that dawn freeze!

How beautiful was that dawn ~
When my eyes opened to his gentle kiss!
Was I still dreaming of the dawn?
Or actually tasting its bliss?

How beautiful was that dawn ~
As my sleepy eyes saw,
The breeze blowing the curtain’s lace
And sunlight gleaming on his smiling face.
I was indeed that Déjà vu’s embrace!

How beautiful was that dawn ~
As I rose to consciousness
He took me to the balcony
There lay before my eyes,
The sea’s vast nothingness
It was indeed the dawn of my dreams!
The same clear blue sky
Somewhere distant,
I could see the seagulls fly!
I looked down to my backyard
There they were –
Those Tiny leaves
They Danced and Swayed

As the leaf and light played!
It was the same scent
of the seashore’s warm breeze!
How I wished, like in my dream,
May that moment freeze!

How beautiful was that dawn ~
The dawn of my dreams we basked in!

This perhaps is the most beautiful story you’ve ever told me and coincidentally, the dawn that followed was a gift in itself and I can never cease to smile, each time I think of this one!

Love, Cuddles and Innocent, Sleepy Smiles!


❤ Dream-Weaver! 🙂

Dear DSLR Camera,

This post has been written for Day 2 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A letter to your Crush!


Dear DSLR Camera,

You don’t really know how long have I been following you now! Call me a stalker, I don’t mind! The whole point is that my passion for photography comes for free but pursuing it seems to have come with a huge but worthy cost! 😛 You’ve been such a wonderful invention and I can’t express how much I’ve been dying to hold you in my hands, and see the world through your eyes. I hope the moment comes someday soon. I’ll make it happen! Cross my heart and I hope to die!

There is such sheer beauty that I see in the world and I often wish I had a memory chip that I could attach to my brain, that’ll record only the beautiful things I see, and I could cherish them as memories, get back to them as and when I feel like. Unfortunately, neither am I god to alter my anatomy; nor am I a scientist who could really materialize this.

Nevertheless, it is all thanks to you who completes me in every sense and aspect of the world of beautiful memories I want to build and leave behind. We’ll embark upon the journey together and I am sure it’ll be a beautiful one for all we’ll do is create memories, a glimpse of how life in a jiffy can become a thing of beauty and indeed a joy forever.

All I’ll tell you is that, you hang on there, with the priced attitude you boast, and the sheer brilliance you have within you and I’m gonna get you off that stupid stand in the showroom where you’re tied up to a honking-siren-cord and people keep bothering you, every now and then. Have a little patience sweetheart, I am right on my way! Just think about me, you, the seas and the mountains!

Love. :*

Letter to my Best Friend: Dear Words,

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The first in the list is a letter to ‘Your Best Friend’. Here‘s the list.

Words and I met ever since I began speaking, and got to know and understand one another as I began reading and writing. Expressing myself is something I love; and words have stood by my side, to my rescue, just like my shadow. It’s a strange bond we share: at times as a love affair, at times as argument in thoughts and soliloquy, at times silence and at times expressions. Eventually we became best of friends.

Dear Words,

It has been years that our bond has grown, evolved and matured to the stage where we are. I am sure it’ll grow, deeper and have broader meanings with time. I’ve been wanting to thank you, for a long time but never got an opportunity. You’ve been inevitably there by my side for the tiniest of feelings, thoughts, emotions I wanted to express: be it telling my beloved how much I love him or talking to my pet or even writing letters to my friends and loved ones and telling them how much they mean to me, you’ve been a friend, by my side unconditionally.

Even at times, when I am at a loss of “words”, you keep running through my thoughts, delve deeper into my mind and heart and bring up a way to communicate them just right. Sheer brilliance!

I often tell my loved ones, how much value they all behold in my life, but somehow I just realized I never told you of this! I have tried my best to communicate my feelings for you, through a few lines. I call them “Between Words & Me”


It’s a strange love affair between the two of us;
Expressions were blessed with life thus. . .
Till yesterday,
A grim of suppression remained in a jiffy
Today reflects the light and there’s no more iffy
It’s indeed a strange love affair:
Between the words and me.
We find closure in this harmony
Of thought and discourse. . .
For this is where our journeys meet.
Together explore new depths
And scale new heights
And together we write the skies,
With the story of our love affair.

So here’s a toast to our unique and unusual; yet the most unconditional friendship. May our bond grow deeper in meaning.

Without Wax,