Her love affair with the dream!

Pic: openwalls.com

Pic: openwalls.com

She had a dream!
Inspired by its gleam,
She set out on her journey!
It indeed was a strange love affair
Of courage and fear
Of hope & despair!

The ship of her dreams steered through the waves
Yet often, the storms hit!
She knew she had to be brave,
And continue sailing with determination & grit!

To find lost directions
Or discover new ones!
All that mattered was to continue the journey
And live her love affair
with that cherished dream!

No failure stopped her
Her occasional slow pace didn’t bother her!
She knew what mattered was her ‘self’
And not what the world wanted to make out of her!
Despite many limitations,
Her inspired self, indeed remained unfazed!

She journeyed through the good and bad!
And then came another milestone!
When she realised, how time flew!
A year had passed and her journey still continued!

She took a gasp of fresh air
As she woke up to a blessed dawn!
Memories of yore suddenly came to life!
Of what she missed, of what she left behind…
…as she chased a dream!
In the sad & happy moments few,
What mattered were inspirations new,
Gifted by her most cherished possession
Her love affair with the dream!

There she set out, on yet another journey…
…Of self-discovery
…Of knowing her best & worst!
…Of beating her own bests!
…Of seeking her own truth!
…Of the most beautiful solitude!
A journey of simply being her!
A journey of living and dying each new day,
And let another new day arrive…

with inspirations & gay!
She still has that dream
Inspired by its gleam
She’ll continue to sail and chase
What she calls her cherished dream!


The happy bits of you & me!


Image Courtesy: lifehack.org

Walking aimlessly onto the riverside were the two of us

Driving carefree through roads full of bustle were the two of us

Singing aloud at midnight, high on euphoria & wine were the two of us

Relishing the same silly breakfast each day, were the two of us

Walking home to one another’s warm embrace were the two of us

Having the same old endless merry banters over dinner were the two of us

How joyfully we strolled the road of life!

With your fingers entwined in mine,

We basked in a comfortable silence,

No words could ever define!

Some blessed moment soon, wish we re-lived that time again,

When times of togetherness would greet us every now & then!

When unwinding meant a gentle stroke through my locks,

When joys meant laughing over silly chatters and talks

When love meant a silent gaze into your eyes

And fulfilment, a promise of good hope

That would let us, ‘together’ soar the skies!

How I miss those blessed moments!

How I wish those blessed moments,

Soon turn into a beautiful reality!

When I wake up each morning, not just to the happy sunlight

But to the sight of the mirror, where I’d see ~

The happy bits of you & me!


How conveniently I let you control me

How easy it was for you to hurt me

How confidently you’d rip my credibility into pieces

With your futile arrogance that never ceased!

You looked upon everyone below you as dirt;

With my self-esteem,

Who the hell gave you the right to flirt!

I know my weakness and inadequacy

I ain’t afraid to admit it;

Like you, I can’t simply resort to hypocrisy!

But, I know my grit and strength better;

Dare you mess with that and try to deter!

Thank you for the misery you put me through

I only came out stronger;

Realizing it is ingenuity that you always eschew!

Realizing how miraculously,

I’m free from your slavery!

I no more feel like “A Befooled Human”!

I certainly came out stronger,

Realizing that your blows don’t affect me anymore;

For your opinions, I hardly do care for!

I have indeed come through;

I don’t need “your definition” of me;

For I now know and understand the real me!

I am a free bird set to fly

And I have a beautifully new sky to soar!

The Piercing Silence

As she lay still on the couch

With her locks fell on the back rest
And her mind sunk into thoughts!
The bird chirped, the clouds roared
The neighbours around gossiped
From Across the verandah ~
There were sounds of kinds all around
But within the house
It seemed like a terrifying silence
that pierced deafness into her!
The slightest of movement
Was heard clear!
Even the creaking of the couch
As she settled herself.
Her eyes shut.
She sunk into thoughts,
Of the times of yore.
She remembered it all.
As rumbling thoughts
in that wandering mind
Played like a movie.
Whether it was the leaves
On the nearby branch,
Run over by the wind;
Or the mason’s hammer
Hitting the neighbourhood’s wall.
It was all heard crystal clear.
Yet, she could hear nothing,
As if a detached Soul!
She was sunk into the depths
Of that silence
And lost into the deeper meanings
Of the movie of memories.

Yours, Accidentally!

Was I destined for a charmed life; or it was just an accident?

Well if the latter is so; I’d love getting hurt till the time I spend!

If the sentence is you; life’s gifts would be a certain paradise;

That dungeon of benevolence couldn’t be a sweeter homecoming.


Sweet Remembrances embrace me, on a secluded moment in time;

When I listen to the tingling church bell or the the chime!

The smile gets broader and the laughter begins to roar;

When the wheel of time has your name etched everywhere. . .


Ambling down the memory lane, when the sentiments unfold,

It is only the happy memoirs that surround me –

Whether it is a bike-ride or a forest-walk or just a casual talk;

It was a pure joy spreading into that dungeon of your kindness.


A soul called “you”, laid on me – the Midas Hand;

Indeed, miracle happened: When I was touched by your magic wand.

The careless whispers of my prayers suddenly seemed to be heard;

Looked like a beautiful fortune that eavesdropped from the crease.


Was I destined for a charmed life; or it was just an accident?

Well if the latter is so; I’d love getting hurt till the time I spend!

If the sentence is you; life’s beauty would be a certain paradise;

The gift called you couldn’t be a sweeter homecoming.

And hence, I was accidentally yours!

P.S. – Shantanu, Thanks for being there always! That’s for you!

Wake me up

Image Courtesy: http2.bp.blogspot.com-gc8DUCzLcgIT4EeAvKgwtIAAAAAAAAAL8ZdPB4w20LVAs1600Abbey-Aunty-4-10%2B024.jpg

Image Courtesy: http2.bp.blogspot.com-gc8DUCzLcgIT4EeAvKgwtIAAAAAAAAAL8ZdPB4w20LVAs1600Abbey-Aunty-4-10%2B024.jpg

Warm and comforting like the winter’s sun,

How do I tell you, you’re the only one!

Words shall not suffice;

Language and expressions would be elusive,

To define the gem you always are to me!

Every morning when I rise,

I crave for thy sight!

How you just get me into

The Glee and Light!

In that state of being half alseep,

When you kiss my forehead and cheek;

There’s a smile that never ceases to come!

You’re the same person I’ve known,

Yet, each morning, you’re different –

Like the beautiful magic wind blown!

As if the Grandeur of all seasons just shows up,

I smile like a little child, soaked in wonder!

That magic you behold, blossoms each day,

Bringing simple pleasures and happiness!

And the world seems beautiful,

For it’s the way you wake me up

that makes all the difference!

Void of the direction

Fortune has a weird world of its own. You never know when it strikes right. But as the wise-men say, it showers itself on moments, when you least expect it to be. Nirvana for some reason had been brooding a lot lately. She knew it was a bit too overdone because there were moments where there was practically nothing to brood over! And then she consoled herself saying, “Everyone gets their share of coffee bitter sometimes; the only thing that makes a difference is the way you deal with things!” Some people learn to enjoy the bitterness and some know how and when to add the sugar. Nirvana’s dreams are still the same; perhaps the roads have jumbled up.


A boulevard of avid dreams –

suddenly submerged into the depth.

The beam light that appeared –

happened to be a mere illusion.

It was a moment of decision –

when she stood on the crossroads;

and chose to write her own destiny.

It was a matter of choices –

that had made all the difference!

Then why is that avenue in her heart –

oh so very full of questions!

And yet again, the wheel of time rotates:

There she stands on the same crossroad.

Then why do the roads appear so new?

Why do the wings again get wounded?

Was the road not taken, meant for her?

Or was the road just taken, was lost somewhere?

And yet again, she stands on the same crossroad –

Stands and stares at the blurred horizon across directions.

One moment, Gazing towards the road’s end –

She takes it to be yet another illusion.

She goes through each detail and turn –

Of the different road she just took;

Thinking, what was the wrong turn taken!

Was it at the crossroad Or just elsewhere?

And suddenly the next moment,

the BLANK state stepped inside the mind.

The whirl of emotions and questions;

suddenly dissolved to tranquil.

Delving deep inside, her dreams still remained the same;

The void was that of inspiration;

The void was that of a voice from within;

The void was that of the song of her soul.

Her dreams still remained the same:

Perhaps She was just trying to fill the void

Perhaps she simply looked for the road lost!