“Aal iz Well”

The first day of A-Z challenge and here I am, telling myself: “Aal iz Well” (All is well)! All this is to simply avoid that stupid nervousness that keeps hovering around!

That reminds me of Nirvana’s first encounter with “Aal iz Well!” Those days – her college days – saw Nirvana as a powerhouse of talent, carefree and confident to embrace life!

One day, the confident and talented Nirvana was sitting backstage, nervous and scared to death. It looked like she was about to cry or run away from there. Perhaps, for the first time she was this nervous! It was an inter-college event and Nirvana had prepared an elocution speech for 5 minutes while the time limit was 4 minutes. All the while she was thinking was how could she make that mistake; and was crushing herself under the pressure of expectations!

As she struggled to concentrate on her speech, one of the organisers, Nitin, came to her and asked her if she was okay, handing her a glass of water!

Aal iz Well,” said Nitin.

“Go to that room, look at yourself in the mirror and say it to yourself!,” he added, pointing out to a dressing room.

Nirvana knew about the much talked “Aal iz Well” funda from the movie 3 idiots and she said to herself, “Is it really going to get me perform decent in this event?”

A minute later Nirvana was in that dressing room, standing in front of the mirror.

keep-calm-and-say-aal-izz-wellImage Courtesy: http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-and-say-aal-izz-well-17.png


She said “Aal iz well!” and she was still nervous!

“Aal iz well!” She took deep breaths!

“Aal iz well!” She smiled

“Aal iz well!” … and it went on.

Ten minutes later, her name was announced and the defining moment came. Nirvana arrived on the stage and she was blinded by the lights flashing on her face. She gasped a deep breath, looked at everyone and said to herself: “Aal iz Well!”

Five more minutes later:

Nirvana was again backstage, with tears in her eyes! The other participant had already begun speaking by then. Nitin came for her.

“It was awesome!” he said.

“I told you it works! There’s no need for these tears now! It’s over and you were good! Go get back with your college team – they’re waiting for you,” said Nitin, handing another glass of water and a Eclairs toffee to Nirvana.

Nirvana did not win the event, but she performed and some silly filmy therapy helped her! So that was Nirvana’s first encounter with “Aal iz well!”