How conveniently I let you control me

How easy it was for you to hurt me

How confidently you’d rip my credibility into pieces

With your futile arrogance that never ceased!

You looked upon everyone below you as dirt;

With my self-esteem,

Who the hell gave you the right to flirt!

I know my weakness and inadequacy

I ain’t afraid to admit it;

Like you, I can’t simply resort to hypocrisy!

But, I know my grit and strength better;

Dare you mess with that and try to deter!

Thank you for the misery you put me through

I only came out stronger;

Realizing it is ingenuity that you always eschew!

Realizing how miraculously,

I’m free from your slavery!

I no more feel like “A Befooled Human”!

I certainly came out stronger,

Realizing that your blows don’t affect me anymore;

For your opinions, I hardly do care for!

I have indeed come through;

I don’t need “your definition” of me;

For I now know and understand the real me!

I am a free bird set to fly

And I have a beautifully new sky to soar!


Moods of a Brahminy Starling

Except for pigeons and some species of a sunbird, whichever birds I’ve encountered in my neighbourhood, of late, through the camera lens, appear to be violent – Mynas, Starlings, even Bulbuls. If you give a distant look, they’re those little darlings flying here and there, but a closer look at their sharp beak and wild iris tells a completely different story. Vigilant, Angry and Wild.
Take a look at a few different moods of this Brahminy Starling that frequents my neighbourhood.
Bird: Brahminy Starling | Month: July 2014 | Season: Onset of Monsoon | Place: Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat, India



All set to attack

One poke with my beak, and you’re finished Ms. Ant!



Kitne Aadmi They? 😛

Sorry I couldn’t think of anything other than Gabbar’s entry walk and fury, looking at that walking bird! 



Two For Joy

The Plot Thickens my dear Watson! (P.S. – Apologies for the resolution.)



Vigil and Warning

Frantic calls?