Dear Puja

This post has been written for Day 14 of the 30 Days 30 letters challenge. Topic for today: A Letter to Someone you’ve drifted away from


Dear Puja,

Moving down the memory lane, I still remember our fun, eventful and happy go lucky school days. And then came those sundays or weekends when we used to stay over at either of ours’ place, play lego, complete homework together, go out to the nearby park and enjoy. How simple life was! Happiness meant simple things like hanging out together, even with parents over a dinner or a movie.

Well, I cannot say I have absolutely drifted away from you but perhaps our different strides, lives and priorities take up much of our time, to find the same for one another.

Nevermind; for that has never robbed us of that silent faith we had in each other. If I look back, it has been around 15 years for you to have migrated to a new continent. It is a long time indeed. The fact about us both, that I often laugh at, how innocent and silly friends we were in school and today how beautifully mature our friendship is!

Considering your infrequent visits, we actually never got that opportunity to be close-knit with each other as we grew from kids to adolescents to adults. Yet, each time you came back to the country for a beautiful sojourn, time flew so fast and we have always had so much to catch up, so much to share and walk away with a fulfilment of having met a friend of a lifetime!

Well, you indeed are a friend for a lifetime. And yes, I do look forward to spend more quality time with you. We’ve drifted apart? Yes, only continentally!

Love and Lots of Pleasant Remembrances,


Nitu 🙂


Letter to my Best Friend: Dear Words,

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The first in the list is a letter to ‘Your Best Friend’. Here‘s the list.

Words and I met ever since I began speaking, and got to know and understand one another as I began reading and writing. Expressing myself is something I love; and words have stood by my side, to my rescue, just like my shadow. It’s a strange bond we share: at times as a love affair, at times as argument in thoughts and soliloquy, at times silence and at times expressions. Eventually we became best of friends.

Dear Words,

It has been years that our bond has grown, evolved and matured to the stage where we are. I am sure it’ll grow, deeper and have broader meanings with time. I’ve been wanting to thank you, for a long time but never got an opportunity. You’ve been inevitably there by my side for the tiniest of feelings, thoughts, emotions I wanted to express: be it telling my beloved how much I love him or talking to my pet or even writing letters to my friends and loved ones and telling them how much they mean to me, you’ve been a friend, by my side unconditionally.

Even at times, when I am at a loss of “words”, you keep running through my thoughts, delve deeper into my mind and heart and bring up a way to communicate them just right. Sheer brilliance!

I often tell my loved ones, how much value they all behold in my life, but somehow I just realized I never told you of this! I have tried my best to communicate my feelings for you, through a few lines. I call them “Between Words & Me”


It’s a strange love affair between the two of us;
Expressions were blessed with life thus. . .
Till yesterday,
A grim of suppression remained in a jiffy
Today reflects the light and there’s no more iffy
It’s indeed a strange love affair:
Between the words and me.
We find closure in this harmony
Of thought and discourse. . .
For this is where our journeys meet.
Together explore new depths
And scale new heights
And together we write the skies,
With the story of our love affair.

So here’s a toast to our unique and unusual; yet the most unconditional friendship. May our bond grow deeper in meaning.

Without Wax,